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The Science Behind A Scent

You may have noticed by now that I’m a bit of a Science Geek. ¬†What can I say? ¬†I’m a former research scientist and I love to know how Scentsy things work and then share with you.

How do you go about finding the perfect fragrance for your nose if you can’t smell all of the 80+ scents available? ¬†Simple – you follow the scent pyramid. ¬†Hey Phyllis, what’s a scent pyramid? ¬†Glad you asked!

Each scent Рany scent Рis made up of notes.  A Scentsy fragrance will include 30 to 60 notes, typically.  All of those notes combine together to give you the homey Baked Apple Pie or the always loved romance of Luna.  And the notes are taken from the layers of the scent pyramid.


Layers of The Scent Pyramid

Every Scentsy scent is created from a multitude of note layers.  All fragrance notes are classified into one of three layers.

Top Notes¬†– The very first thing you smell in a Scentsy fragrance. ¬†It’s your first impression. ¬†Do you smell an orange? ¬†That’s the top note. ¬†The top note is also the first layer of a scent to warm away. ¬†It has the shortest life span of a fragrance note.

Mid Notes РAre more robust.  They are at the heart of the scent choice.  These notes will change a little over time as the scent warms.  But the mid notes will last longer than top notes.

Base Notes РThese notes are deep and underlying.  You may not be able to detect or differentiate them until the scent has warmed for a good while.  But these notes are the strongest and longest lasting.  They ground the fragrance.

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How Do You Choose?

First off, you don’t have to limit yourself to one scent. You get the best value when you purchase a¬†buy five get one free pack.

The way you can choose the correct scents for your nose is to think of your scent family.  What scents in life are you most drawn to?  Do you love bakery and gourmand scents?  How about fresh, clean, airy scents?  Are you a fruity person like me?  Whatever your are drawn to, consult the Scent Pyramid.  Choose based on the layers of notes.

Still unsure?  Click here and see which family you fall into.  Regardless of your scent choice, you are a part of my Scentsy family and I appreciate you stopping by.

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