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Brown Western Boots Scentsy wax warmer

Are cowboy boots trendy or timeless?

I’m team #timeless. If you ask most ladies – spring cleaning and spring re-arranging (some call it redecorating) are here!

Truth be told, I am mostly excited about the cleaning part, not so much the redecorating part. I am just not good at themes and decorating. Maybe this is why I rely so heavily on my warmers to decorate for me. Hmm… 

This year is already chock-full of so many home decor styles, could you even just pick one? 

Cowboy boots are such a timeless staple – there is so much rich history behind them. From fashion to enhancing the rustic country living. Every farmhouse will have a pair well-worn pair of boots sitting somewhere in plain view. 

These Rodeo boots are made for sitting – their rugged authentic detail is a must for the farm-to-table vibe you are trying to achieve. 

Rodeo Scentsy Boots Warmer – Like a finely tooled pair of well-worn boots, Rodeo brings your frontier dreams to life with authentic detail and an untamed soul.

If this is your vibe...

These Scentsy wax warmers are very much on trend with your highland cow wall art.

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