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Complete the experience with an authentic Scentsy® Warmer or Diffuser. Choose from dozens of stunning designs! Buy a Scentsy® diffuser or warmer today!

These Scentsy® Warmers are genuinely different than those you purchase in a store. The Scentsy® warmers have very low watt light bulbs or heating elements that slowly melts the Scentsy® Bar wax. Your home will be filled with one of over 80 distinctive and long-lasting fragrances. With the several designs we offer, you will be able to express your style and fill your personal space with lasting fragrance.


What Is a Wax Warmer?

A wax warmer, also known as Wax Melter, is a simple device that aids the process of melting fragrant wax. Wax warmers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.  There is a design here for everyone.

Wax warmers are used to melt off your scented wax melts (which come in a variety of materials, some safer than others – Scentsy is Safe) which then releases the potent aroma and spreads fragrance. Besides home fragrance, they can also be used as décor items for your home. 

Generally, there are two basic categories of wax warmers: Electric Wax Warmers and Wax warmer bulbs.

Electric Wax Warmers & Other Types

Electric wax warmers are one of the most common types of wax warmers which is used widely due to their convenience and ease of use. One variety of wax warmer is a type of heating pad (that is usually flat). This heating pad is mounted on a base. On the top, there is a curvy dish that is used to hold and store the wax.

Some electric warmers also come with light bulbs which are used as a source of heating as well as serves the purpose of the backlight. These wax warmers are highly efficient and help in melting the wax quickly while giving you a warm and soothing experience. Moreover, these wax warmers are more like little lamps, serving a double purpose.

Wax Warmer Bulb

Wax warmer bulbs, also known as candle warmer bulbs are used to keep the wax melting as fast as a flame might, thus allowing it to spread the aroma. Wax warmer bulb is also used as a heat source in winters, and it creates a warm and cozy environment with smell and warmth. 

Warmer bulbs come in a variety of shapes and sizes but are traditionally the safer route if children or pets are present. Read more about warmer safety and bulbs by clicking the button here.

Why Scentsy® Warmers?

The warmers are super convenient because they don’t require matches or lighters. The bars are compact, 3.2 ounces, and come in a small package easy for storing. They never evaporate into the air like wicked candle wax, so you never have to worry about the smell disappearing, as only the scent is released when heating. Each bar contains eight breakaway cubes and is available in over 80 exclusive Scentsy® scents.

What About Candles?

Candles are cute, but with an exposed flame, there is a potential risk for something to catch on fire. Wax melt warmers only require electricity, so you have a more creative and safer variation of getting the pleasant smell in the air.

Candles can also radiate harmful pollutants and chemicals, which in turn can be bothersome for those with allergies and asthma. Candles have also been known to release potentially dangerous chemicals like toluene and benzene, which has been known to cause damage to the lungs, central nervous system, and brain.

Most conventional candles use paraffin, which is a sludge waste product from the petroleum industry and when burned, it releases carcinogenic chemicals. The fumes it releases are similar to those released from a diesel engine and can be as dangerous as second-hand cigarette smoke.

Many scented candles also have wicks containing heavy metals like lead, and just a few hours of them burning can create airborne heavy metals that are higher than the acceptable limits. Although in the U.S. candle wicks are supposed to be made of paper or cotton, studies have shown that as much as 30 percent of candle wicks contain heavy metals.

The Lasting Fragrance of Scentsy® Warmers

Scentsy® wax can produce a strong smell for six to eight hours of warming time before needing to be replaced. Some heavier scents seem to last even longer.  One or two cubes in a warmer are plenty to release a beautiful aroma in your space. Of course, it depends on the size of space, the height of the ceilings, humidity in the area, and other factors. Start with one or two and adjust to your own liking.

Buy Scentsy® Warmers from Scentswax

When you buy wax warmers from Scentswax, you can rest assured that you are buying a safe and cost-efficient product. Also, you can plan on impeccable customer service from Phyllis, your online Scentsy® director. Contact us today if you have any questions about our warmers or other Scentsy products!

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