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Scentsy Independent Consultant

Scentsy® Warmers & More

Complete the experience with an authentic Scentsy® Warmer or Diffuser. Choose from dozens of stunning designs! Buy a Scentsy® diffuser or warmer today!

There are many options when it comes to making your space come alive with your favorite fragrance. The dozens of stunning Scentsy® designs will make your space your own. Your home is a picture of who you are, and you have the option to make it unique with our products.







Our various warmer designs will allow you to express your individual style and fill your home with lasting Scentsy® fragrance. Wax warmers are a safe alternative to lit candles, which add peace of mind. The National Fire Protection Association reported over $350 million in property damage was caused due to fires related to candles in 2009-2013. Warmers only require a small 15-watt light bulb in the base of the warmer to melt the wax, and the scent is released in under 5 minutes.


The Scentsy® Diffuser is an excellent way to get beneficial essential oils into the air. They have been used for a long time in aromatherapy treatments to not only cleanse the air but to promote soothing feelings in the environment. When using the Scentsy® Diffuser you can control what oils are dispersed into the air, how concentrated you want them, and for how long. Our diffusers use “cold-mist technology” so the fragrance stays consistent in the way it is diffused throughout the duration of the oil. The diffusers also have 16 various light modes which help complement the senses for a full experience. The diffusers have a lifetime warranty when you register the product through Scentsy.

Scentsy® Go

The cordless home-away-from-home Scentsy® experience allows you to take your favorite scent wherever you are. It is simple to use. You twist open the cover and drop in the Scentsy Pods. Close the lid and turn on your Scentsy® Go. They are compact and lightweight and fit easily into purses, bags, and backpacks.

You have the option of choosing the Scentsy Go Solid which is simple and understated or the Scentsy® Go which features a 7-color LED light display. You can express yourself with available vibrant decals that come in four distinctive designs.

The Pods are filled with no-spill beads which are full of fragrance. Each pod releases up to 120 hours of fragrance. They come in packs of two pods. Accessories We carry accessories for the warmers. Our 15,20, and 25-watt lightbulbs come in a single pack or multi-pack for your convenience. There are lids in a variety of designs which begin at $7.20.

You can elevate your Scentsy® experience with an accessory designed for added beauty or convenience. We have seven different warmer stands to showcase your wax warmer. The Scent Storage Box has customizable compartments to hold up to 45 Scentsy® Bars or other product combinations.

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Scentsy formulates the best of the best when it comes to scents. Our natural products are not only safe, but our natural products are effective. You can purchase any of the Scentsy® products at the Scentswax website. Phyllis Gray has been a consultant for over four years and is here to help answer any questions you may have.


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