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Thor's Hammer Scentsy Warmer

Thor's Hammer Scentsy Warmer

“Whoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” You can now harness the power with the Thor’s Hammer Scentsy Warmer! Thor’s hammer is the ultimate collector’s item inspired by Thor from Marvel’s Avengers. It’s inscribed with the above quote and even comes with a blue light bulb for a heroic glow! The Thor Warmer has vents on the top so your signature Scentsy fragrance can be released while painting the epic shape.

Keep scrolling to see all of the incredible details AND a Money Saving Offer!

Thor's Hammer Scentsy Warmer Lit Up
Full View
Thor's Hammer Scentsy Warmer
Thor's Hammer Scentsy Warmer
In the Dark
Marvel Warmer Bundle
Marvel Warmer Bundle - Save $27.50
Scentsy Thor's Hammer Groot Bundle
Marvel Heroes Bundle - Save $20.00
Thor's Hammer Scentsy Warmer
Scentsy Marvel Warmer

Exclusive Marvel Warmer Bundle with the Thor's Hammer Scentsy Warmer

Marvel Warmer Bundle: Buy the Thor Scentsy burner and Wax Melt Bar in Marvel: Nine Realms and get the Marvel – Scentsy Warmer at 50% off — that’s $27.50 in savings! The Marvel Warmer features your favorite Super Heroes! This warmer offers a captivating view from every angle, including Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Black Widow — and you can rotate the display as you please. And we can’t forget the Classic Nine Realms Fragrance Wax Melts Bar. A heroic mix of LIME ZEST and BLUE TEA keep you connected to the universe, while LAVENDER LIGHTNING really packs a punch.

Marvel Heroes Bundle: Buy the Thor Scentsy candle warmer and the Groot – Scentsy Buddy + Marvel: Nine Realms – Scent Pak, get the Rocket – Scentsy Buddy Clip for free — that’s $20 in savings! For fans who want it all, this bundle includes one Groot – Scentsy Buddy + Marvel: Nine Realms – Scent Pak, one Rocket – Scentsy Buddy Clip along side the Thor Warmer.

Text the word MARVEL to 864-402-4199 to receive alerts when Thor’s Hammer Scentsy Warmer and other Marvel products become available.


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