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Update 8/1/18:  Stella the Unicorn Warmer is SOLD OUT

Yep, unfortunately she is gone.  But there are plenty more magical warmers available for you.  If you are in need of a smell-good unicorn fix, grab you a Stella Unicorn Buddy Clip right HERE.

Life really IS all Unicorns and Rainbows!

​The new Stella Unicorn Warmer is here!  With her big doe eyes, iridescent coat, magical pink horn, and rainbow colored mane and tail, this warmer is adorable and very on-trend.  Perfect for your little princess.  Or maybe perfect for even you.

Only available while supplies last?  Hurry!

The Stella Unicorn warmer is the July 2018 Warmer of the Month.  That means she can be ordered throughout the entire month of July, unless she sells out.  Unicorns are the In Thing right now and this warmer will be VERY popular.  You will want to get your order in for it as quickly as possible.  When you order your Stella Unicorn warmer in July you will receive 10% off the retail price.  So trot your way on over and grab this little charmer!

Stella The Unicorn Buddy

Scentsy Consultant Perk

One of the many perks of being and Independent Scentsy Consultant is that I get my very own Stella Unicorn warmer early.  So she and I had a little photo shoot.  This warmer is already ensconced in my daughter’s room.  Check out her sweet smile and little, shiny, pink hooves.  She will dance right across your princess’ heart with her rainbow mane and tail.

Ruby Razz Fragrance Buddy Clip

Don’t confuse your Stellas

The Stella Unicorn Warmer is patterned from the Stella Buddy Clip.  Twinsies!  This adorable little Buddy Clip is filled with Rockin’ Ruby Razz fragrance, but now you can customize your scent experience with the full-size warmer.  You pick which Scentsy Bar you will warm.


Rainbows & Butterflies

Which scent should you warm in your new Stella Unicorn Warmer?  Why, Rainbows & Butterflies, of course!  This scent will create a fantasy land with the fragrances of vanilla citrus, strawberries, and pineapple juice.  It smells like fruity cotton candy.  It smells like heaven.  The perfectly complimented scent for your whimsical warmer.

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