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The New 2020 Scentsy Spring & Summer Catalog Is Here

The New 2020 Spring Scentsy Catalog has arrived! Keep on reading below to get a taste of what just left the catalog and some of the best scents from the new brochure. Get in touch below with any questions!

Questions about the current or past catalog? Fill out the brief form below and I’d be glad to answer any questions or help find the right product for you! Alternatively, feel free to email me at: Phyllis@ScentsWax.com

Scentsy Catalog Questions

What's New In The 2020 Scentsy Spring & Summer Catalog:

Scentsy Berry Bright
Scentsy Chili Mango
Scentsy Coco Lime
Scentsy Here Comes The Sun Flowers
Scentsy Hibiscus Pineapple
Scentsy Mahalo Coconut
Scentsy Mineral Oasis
Scentsy Peach Nectar
Scentsy Rainbow Sherbert

Scentsy has to discontinue some of the past Fall/Winter 2019 products to make room for the new Scentsy Spring/Summer 2020 products and fragrances. Some of the categories that have the largest changes are below. Feel free to browse below for some of the latest products.

Warmer of The Month

Current Wax Bars

New Fragrances

Spring/Summer Line

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