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Spiderman Scentsy Warmer

Marvel’s Spiderman Scentsy Warmer is back to save the day!

Catch all the action with your friendly neighborhood Spiderman! We’re bringing our Marvel Spiderman – Scentsy Warmer out of the vault, while supplies last.

Straight from the pages of a comic book, Spider-Man swings into action to save a runaway train in a 3D design that wraps around the Spider-Man – Scentsy Warmer. Cutouts allow light to shine through and bring the dynamic action to life. And a striking Spider-Man logo is featured on the back.


Don’t forget our Marvel: Nine Realms fragrance

Make sure to add a wax melt bar to your Spiderman Scentsy Warmer. A heroic mix of Lime Zest and Blue Tea keep you connected to the universe, while Lavendar Lightning really packs a punch.

Already available in the catalog as a Scentsy Bar or Scentsy Pods along with the Spider-Man – Scentsy Wall Fan Diffuser.

Want a money saving Bundle? Heck yes you do!

Therefore we’ve created a terrific bundle option that saves you $18.50! This bundle includes the Spiderman Scentsy Warmer, a Spider-Man – Scentsy Wall Fan Diffuser, Marvel: Nine Realms: Scentsy Pod Twin Pak, and Marvel: Nine Realms – Scentsy Bar. All of that AND you save money? Yes, please! Just click that blue button below and grab your bundle now.

Marvel Warmer Bundle
Marvel Warmers Bundle
Marvel Heroes Bundle
Black Panther All-In Bundle

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