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Standing at just 10 inches tall – compact and adorable, the snuggly NEW Scentsy Baby Buddies are plush & perfect pals. 

Scentsy Buddies are soft, stuffed animals that are filled with fragrance. They are a multi-sensory experience that can hold more than just a Scent Pak. They are recommended for children of all ages

MEET ME: Hamish the Highland Cow Scentsy Baby Buddy $27.00

MEET ME: Stella the Unicorn Scentsy Baby Buddy $27.00

MEET ME: Scout the Dragon Scentsy Baby Buddy $27.00

Current Scentsy Buddies Available


It’s hard for people sometimes to make a decision on a scent without smelling it first – or maybe I’m the only one this happens too. Claim your free rub & smell sticker sample.

Or if you’d prefer to skip the rub & smell sticker and grab a a whole bar, join my Scent of the Month Club and experience a new fragrance every month.

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Not on mobile? No worries! Simply text “SCENTS WAX ALERTS” to 352.508.7636 📱🌟


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