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Welcome to Scentsy’s Father’s Day Collection 2024. Where we celebrate the essence of fatherhood with our carefully curated selection of themed warmer and wax bundles. Available starting May 6, our collection offers a diverse range of scents inspired by different facets of being a dad. 

Scentsy's Father's Day Collection 2024 wax warmers

Explore Scentsy’s Father’s Day Collection 2024

Discover the perfect gift for your dad in our Scentsy’s Father’s Day 2024 assortment. Whether he prefers the classic elegance of a Black Tie Affair, the invigorating aroma of a Day on the Field, or the refreshing essence of Open Air Exploring. All in all, there’s something for every dad in this collection. Consider our Father’s Day wax collection the ultimate gift, priced at just $17. This bundle includes all three Father’s Day Scentsy Wax Bars, which allows you to experience a variety of captivating scents.

Father's day Scentsy wax collection

Enhance His Experience with Classic Curve – Satin Black Warmer


Enhance your dad’s Father’s Day experience with our Classic Curve – Satin Black Warmer. This sleek and stylish warmer pairs perfectly with our Black Tie Affair Scentsy Bar, creating an ambiance of sophistication in any space.

Scentsy Classic Curve Satin Black Warmer
Jeb the Jackalope Scentsy Buddy


If you fall in love with Scentsy’s Father’s Day Wax Collection (duh, it’s a no-brainer you will), consider adding them to your Scentsy Club! Within 30 days after May 6, this assortment of wax bars can be added to the Scentsy Club, ensuring you never miss out on this Father’s Day assortment of bars. Individual Scentsy Bars can also be added to Scentsy Club subscriptions, allowing you to enjoy the Always Get My Bar perk.


Every Dad’s style is unique, and if this collection doesn’t quite fit his taste, check out this post about Scentsy Products Men Love: A Must-Have (Or Gift) Guide.

My Personal Favorite from the Father's Day Collection

My personal favorite from the Father’s Day Collection is the Black Tie Affair Scentsy Bar. The blend of vanilla tobacco with hints of vetiver and a touch of white grapefruit creates an enticing aroma that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. It’s like bringing the essence of a classy evening into your home!

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Then, mark your calendar for May 6th and get ready to fill your space with these amazing new scents. Let me know which one you end up loving the most. And as always you can grab all things Scentsy you want at

Catch you later!

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