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Scentsy Remains Obsessed with Jack & Sally’s 30 year Love Story!

Nightmare Before Christmas Scentsy wax and warmer

Scentsy Remains Obsessed with Jack & Sally’s 30 year Love Story! It’s the eternal love story of the Pumpkin King and Christmas Town Queen.  Scentsy remains obsessed with Jack & Sally’s 30 year love story. This limited-edition warmer bundle will be numbered – collectors dream! And Scentsy is most definitely include our most famous fragrance, The […]

New! Scentsy Harry Potter™ Collection

New! Harry Potter 2022

New Scentsy Harry Potter Collection SHOP NOW UPDATED 3/14/2024 NEW Harry Potter warmer + Honeydukes wax Collection is AVAILABLE Monday, March 18, 2024. Text the word WIZARD to 352-508-7636 and I will let you know when YOU can get your hands on your Hogwarts merch in the near future. You will be the very first to know […]

Scentsy Flash Sales and Discounts

Scentsy Shopping Deals and Sales

Scentsy Flash Sales and Discounts For 2022 Get the insider-scoop on Scentsy Specials and Deals from Scentsy Director – Barbara Semento. Need help putting together a bundled package from the catalog? Glad to help! Check out the info below to learn about discounts, flash sales and stay updated! All Current Scentsy Specials Bundle & Buy […]

Scentsy Warmers

Scentsy Warmers Hey there! Welcome to the world of Scentsy Warmers—where style meets function and fragrance fills your home! Our warmers offer a safe, stylish way to enjoy your favorite scents without the hassle of traditional candles. Let’s dive into what makes our warmers so special! Shop Current Warmers What Are scentsy warmers? If you’re […]

Limited-Time Scentsy Spring Cleaning Bundles

New Limited Time Scentsy Spring Laundry and Cleaning Bundles

Limited-Time Scentsy Spring Cleaning Bundles Are you ready to refresh your home this season? Our Limited-Time Scentsy Spring Cleaning Bundles are here to help you transform your space! These exclusive bundles feature two fragrances available for the first time in our Laundry and Clean lines, alongside two beloved returning scents. Make your home feel like […]

Star Wars Scentsy Collection Returns: New Warmers & Scents Released

Star Wars Scentsy Collection Returns New Warmers and Scents

The highly anticipated Star Wars Scentsy Collection Returns: New Warmers & Scents released for fans of both Star Wars and Scentsy, I couldn’t be more excited. This collection brings together the magic of the Star Wars universe and the wonderful fragrances of Scentsy. Let’s explore the fantastic new and returning products that are sure to […]

Scentsy Products Men Love: A Must-Have (Or Gift) Guide

Scentsy products men love a must have or gift guide

If you’re looking for a Scentsy Products Men Love: A Must-Have (Or Gift) guide, you’ve come to the right place. This must-have (or gift) guide features top picks that are sure to impress. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or searching for the perfect gift, these Scentsy products are essential. Top Scentsy Must-Haves for Men Finding […]

Scentsy’s Father’s Day Collection 2024

Scentsy's Father's Day Collection 2024 wax warmers

Welcome to Scentsy’s Father’s Day Collection 2024. Where we celebrate the essence of fatherhood with our carefully curated selection of themed warmer and wax bundles. Available starting May 6, our collection offers a diverse range of scents inspired by different facets of being a dad.  Explore Scentsy’s Father’s Day Collection 2024 Discover the perfect gift […]

Limited-Time Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Collection

Black Raspberry Vanilla Scent-Spirations wax collection

Have you heard about the latest and greatest from Scentsy? They’re launching a new limited-time Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy collection on May 13th. This collection offers unique takes on the classic scent you know and love, and you won’t want to miss it! Discover the New Scent-Spirations Scentsy Wax Collection These five new bars in […]

The Scentsy Woof Box | April 2024

Woof Box april 2024 Scentsy pets

Scentsy knows just how nuts it’s customers are about their dogs. The Scentsy Woof Box | April 2024 is why this whole woof box thing started. So, you’ve heard about the Scentsy Woof Box, right? It’s this awesome limited-time deal packed with goodies for your furry friends. This special box rolls out in April 2024, and […]

Alien Plush Stuffed Scentsy Buddy

Looking for an out-of-this-world adventure buddy? Alazar the Alien is not your ordinary plush stuffed alien.  Alazar the Alien is the very first extraterrestrial stuffed animal to join our Scentsy buddy lineup. He is 16″ tall. So, you know those little green guys from outer space you see in movies? Well, those are what we […]

Rainbow Ceramic Scentsy Warmer

rainbow ceramic Scentsy warmer wax melter

Ceramic Rainbow!   Fun bright rainbow colors of orange, red, pink, blue and purple will bring a smile to any kid or adult’s face.  Some facts about rainbows you may not know. Rainbows are actually circles, not arces. It is an optical illusion. The rainbow is not actually stationary in the sky.  If you are […]

Mental Health Awareness Scentsy Items

Mental Health Awareness items weighted Scentsy 2024 may

Mental Health Awareness is a priority! Here at Scentsy we think mental health awareness is a priority. And together we can make a difference so during the month of May we are donating a portion of each product sale in this new collection to help support nonprofits in the United States.  All of the funds […]

Pink Retro Truck Warmer with Flower Delivery Lid

Pink Retro Truck Scentsy warmer may 2024

GET A REMINDER BELOW Days Hours Minutes Seconds Shop now! Scentsy Pink Truck! Pink trucks have become a must-have in farmhouse decor. This Scentsy Pink Retro Truck with Flower Delivery Lid will fit in perfectly.  This truck can easily join your kitchen, entryway or mantel spring decor. But it really can be displayed all year […]

Sample Spring-Summer 2024 Scentsy Scents

scented Scentsy wax melt pinkberry sandalwood

If only we had smell-o-vision! Until it’s invented this is how we’ve gotta do things. If you’d like to sample the spring-summer 2024 Scentsy scents you’ve come to the right place! I’ve got made and ready to send to drop off at the post office with your name and address 10 rub & sniff scented […]

Dive into the Magic of the Harry Potter™ Scentsy Warmer!

Wondering how to achieve epic Squib status? Keep reading on and we’ll uncover the magic behind this unique warmer and its ties to the beloved Harry Potter series. Experience the charm and nostalgia of Harry Potter. Ready to step into the wizarding world of Harry Potter™ from the comfort of your home? Let’s take a […]

Coastal Style: Natural and Neutral Home Decor Ideas

Coastal Scentsy Wax Melt warmers

If you’ve been around for a while you know how much I love different decorating styles. After years of mixing and matching my decor – it really looked like a hodgepodge of decor. Who has time to make sure you’ve got a perfectly decorated home when you’re trying to keep two tiny humans alive and […]

Nature Enthusiast: Creating a Hummingbird Haven

Ceramic white etched hummingbird Scentsy wax warmer melter

Did you know hummingbirds symbolize good luck? The hummingbird is a sign of wisdom, and happiness also. In Native American cultures hummingbirds are thought to be healers who bring healing and help to people.  The vibrant world of hummingbird colors.   Let’s see how well you the hummingbird. Do they have a favorite color? Will […]

Summer Scentsy Lemon Decor Inspiration

Summer Lemon Scentsy Decor Inspiration Wax Melter Warmer

How can you inject a bright and fresh style into your home? Easy-peasy – lemon squeezy! At Scentsy, we’re loving the classic lemon motif and products of all kinds.  Did you know using lemons with a whitewash and classic blue is what’s hot and on trend these days?   “Pour” that lemon kitchen decor The […]

Decorate Inside Easily for Easter and Spring 2024

White Hare Easter Bunny with basket Scentsy wax warmer

Easter and Spring ideas you can make today. This Happy Hare Scentsy warmer and Happiness Blooms collection is going to make Easter and Spring 2024 fill your home with floral-fun.  Easter and Spring decor should include spring florals that showcase fresh greenery. Bunnies that evoke memories of childhood fun of hunting for eggs.   This bunny […]

Western Cowboy Boots Style Decor

Brown Western Boots Scentsy wax warmer

Are cowboy boots trendy or timeless? I’m team #timeless. If you ask most ladies – spring cleaning and spring re-arranging (some call it redecorating) are here! Truth be told, I am mostly excited about the cleaning part, not so much the redecorating part. I am just not good at themes and decorating. Maybe this is […]

Scentsy Mushroom Warmer Cute as a Button

Handmade ceramic mosaic mushroom Scentsy wax melt warmer

Scentsy Red Mushroom Burner You’re not tripping – mushroom decor has been trending since 2020. It’s everywhere we look.  Therefore, Scentsy Mushroom Warmer Cute as a Button was introduced into its Spring 2024 lineup.  As history tells you these psychedelic fungi were typically found in your stoner friend’s room. But it’s finally gone mainstream in our […]

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