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Scentsy Truck Warmers bring the masculine charm

These retro truck warmers are perfect for the man cave.  Yeah, I said it.  Men love Scentsy too!

But shhh!  Don’t tell the fellas that we ladies think these truck warmers are adorable.  What’s not to love?

These trucks are versatile and still bring the whimsical charm.


Whether you choose the blue or the vintage red truck warmer you can drive through all seasons of home decor with this warmer style.  The truck bed is the actual warming dish.  Just drop in a few cubes of Scentsy wax and enjoy.  You can also choose your favorite truck lid or you can choose them all and change out with every season.


Each truck is hand-painted & comes with real light up headlamps and taillamps!  How cute is that!  And don’t forget the Authentic Scentsy embossment.  This time as the license tag!

Vintage Red Truck

This version was the original Scentsy Christmas truck warmer offered in the Holiday Collection of 2016.  With the adorable Christmas Tree lid for the truck bed, Special Delivery will still SPRUCE up your holiday decor (see what I did there?  Spruce?  Christmas tree?  I crack myself up.)

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Next came the perfect fall addition..

Because the vintage red truck and tree were such a hit, we released what people affectionately called the Scentsy pumpkin truck warmer.  The real name of the adorable blue truck with the pumpkin lid was called Pumpkin Delivery and it was released in October of 2017.  Another huge hit!

So how does Scentsy top themselves?

By releasing BRAND NEW decorative truck toppers!  Now you can choose one or all three of the new lids.  Just in time for summer you can get YOUR truck warmer and and lids. Now you have a way to transform your truck all year round.  And who knows?  Maybe some more decorative lids will be released over time.

Open Road

If you love motorcycles then you have to have this 3 inch, hand-painted ceramic lid!  While it might not put the wind through your hair it can show off your love of the open road in your home.

scentsy replacement lid
Scentsy Wanderlust - Lid Only


Maybe camping is more your speed this summer.  Choose either the blue or red truck warmer and add on your tribute to your favorite pastime.  You know that camper of yours needs to have some smell good in it when you take it out.  Use this warmer to freshen the air on your trip.

Straight From The Orchard

This is my favorite lid!  The dogs days of summer are coming to an end, but it’s not time for pumpkins yet.  Let’s go apple picking as the temperatures are cooling off.  This is the perfect way to transition your Scentsy truck warmer from summer to early fall.

straight from the orchard warmer lid

Update: 10/22/18  These incredible Retro Trucks have Sold Out.  But there are plenty more amazing options available for you.  Click HERE.

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