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Scentsy The Little Mermaid 2022

Scentsy The Little Mermaid 2022 Collection

Sorry friend! Unfortunately, this collection is currently in the Scentsy vault for now. But don’t worry! I’m an attentive Scentsy consultant who keeps track of these things. If you want updates on its return, click here, and I’ll handle the rest for you.




The Little Mermaid

You fell in love with Ariel a few years ago when Scentsy released The Princess Collection. Therefore you will enjoy the beauty of the sea from the comforts of the shore with new products. Inspired by Disney’s Scentsy The Little Mermaid 2022 Collection.

Our Disney The Little Mermaid – Scentsy Warmer features Ariel, Flounder and their friends — even Sebastian, who’s lounging in the wax dish — and rippled glass that radiates a spectacular light effect to give the impression of being under the sea. Who wouldn’t want wavy shadows cast onto their wall? This mermaid here certainly wants all the wavy glow!

Complete the collection with new Scentsy plush. Our Disney Ariel – Scentsy Buddy is eager to explore the surface and find someone to show her the world, while the Disney Sebastian – Scentsy Buddy Clip is ready to tag along! Both the Little Mermaid Scentsy Buddy and Sebastian the smaller buddy clip feature a shiny fabric material that’s sure to delight your senses. And they are super cuddly. And don’t forget the incredible Scentsy fragrance that comes with them both!

Scentsy The Little Mermaid Collection Originals

To complement these classic characters, we’re bringing our The Little Mermaid fragrances out of the vault:

Ariel: Under the Sea Scentsy Wax Melts Bar — True love awaits, so give chase and follow your heart across oceans of emerald water, crisp green apple and blue hibiscus.

The Little Mermaid: Kiss the Girl Scentsy Wax Melts Bar— Enchanting strawberry, raspberry, lime and subtle waves of sea mist will make you fall head over heels.

Scentsy The Little Mermaid 2022 Warmer Burner
Scentsy Disney The Little Mermaid Burner
The Little Mermaid Scentsy
Scentsy The Little Mermaid 2022
Scentsy Little Mermaid Sebastian


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