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***Updated July,11

Oh no!  Some items are already SOLD OUT.  Hurry and get your Summer Collection items while supplies last.

Sold Out:

  • Paradise Oil 3-Pack
  • Fab Flamingo Mini Warmer
  • Beach Daisy Bath Bomb
  • Life is Swell Bath Bomb
  • Pink Promenade Bath Bomb

It’s Here! And It’s FABULOUS!

It’s that time of year again – SUMMER TIME!

Time for hot days, sunscreen, water, and Scentsy.

The New Summer Collection that has been released is perfect for you in every way.  These items will fit right into your summer vacation plans and travel with you.  Or if you are stuck at home, these scents will bring summer vacation to you and make you feel like you are lounging on a tropical beach.

Let’s dive right in (see what I did there?) and review the scents Life Is Swell, Beach Daisy, and Pink Promenade.  These scents are available in many different types of products so you can choose a little or a lot.

Scentsy Summer Collection 2018
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Check out this quick video for a personal scent review. Or keep reading to see my thoughts on these incredible scents available.


Life is Swell

More than a feeling! Marine waters, mandarin and driftwood will have the sand tickling your toes.

Life is Swell is the perfect summer scent.  This scent is dreamy, creamy, and fresh.  Like a coconut cream breeze on a hot Caribbean island shore.  While this scent is leaning towards a masculine flair, it is not heavy on the soapy sensation nor on the cologne fragrance notes.  Life is Swell is simply a clean, fresh, tropical-tinged scent.  Perfect for washing laundry to provide a new level of freshness to your clothing, sheets, and those towels that are needed a plenty out by the pool.

Beach Daisy

Honeydew melon, wild daisies and green apple make a bouquet of fresh-picked paradise.

Oh, Beach Daisy…my love!  Who doesn’t like a summer day where the lemonade is ice-cold, the barbecue grill is hot, and the kids are running around everywhere?  This is Beach Daisy.  A fruity scent that adds in a small touch brightness of young florals.  Whether you want to smell like a carefree, 25 year old gal again on your skin (bathbomb, soap, lotion) or embedded in your clothing (laundry bundle) or wafting on the air of your home and car (bar, room spray, scent circle), Beach Daisy will make it happen.

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Pink Promenade


Pretty, with swagger to spare! Pink pomegranate, prosecco and wild raspberry were born to be wild.

Sassafras!  Girly, pink, sunset skies.  This is Pink Promenade.  If you are a fan of Lucky in Love but need a little more sassy bite – this scent is for you.  Young, fresh, fruity, but with a smidge of bad girl champagne fizzy.  Perfect in all forms but as a bath bomb, your soft, scented skin will be the desire of all the guys and the envy of all the other ladies too. Rawr…Pink Promenade is sexy.

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Can’t get enough?  Check out the other hot items in the Scentsy Summer Collection!

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Check out my video review of the Paradise Oil Collection here!


Fab Flamingo Mini-Warmer


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