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2019 Scentsy Spring/Summer Scent Review

With so many great Scentsy fragrances to choose from, I know it can be tough to read a description and choose brand new scents to warm. ¬†People often ask me to recommend a wax bar to them or to give my opinion on a fragrance. ¬†And that’s what I’m here to do today. ¬†Here is your honest & non-biased Scentsy 2019 Spring Scent Review. ¬†Keep reading below to get the info you need.

Because each person’s nose is different, I like use a¬†Bar and Star scale¬†to rate these scents.

Bars = scent intensity from 1-5 with 1 being the softest and 5 being the strongest.

Stars¬†= how much I like a scent overall from 1-5 with 1 being “Don’t even bring it in my nose-space” and 5 being “Give me ALL of this scent”.

2019 Spring Scentsy Scent Review

New Summer Scentsy Fragrances

Bee My Honey

Pineapple, Honey, and Jasmine… The scent of late Spring. ¬†With Sunshine, earthy sweetness, green buds on trees, and honeybees floating on flowers. ¬†This scent reminds me of special Scentsy Honeysuckle perfection.

BARS:  3


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Churro Churro

Scentsy Churro Bar

Baked Pastry, Sugar, Cinnamon

If you’ve ever been to Disney World and passed the Churro Cart, then you know this scent. ¬†Heavenly, crusty, chewy dough. Butter and sugar sweetness with a hint of cinnamon as you lick your fingers clean from the yummy goodness. ¬†Yeah, you know this scent!

BARS:  4



Dewy or Don't We

Fresh Basil and Ripe Cantaloupe

This Scent – Y’all!!

If you have ever been in a field to pick fresh cantaloupe then you know that this scent is the perfect dupe.  This Southern gal is in love with the fresh, sweet, green, earthy goodness. Dewy we?  Yes, Yes we do!

BARS:  4


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Farmers Market

scentsy farmers market scent

Cucumber Carrot and a hint of Rose

What? That’s all wrong. ¬†Farmers Market is all green and fresh. ¬†Fresh green produce and a hint of floral stems. ¬†I can smell early morning dew and sunshine on green grass as I stroll the market. ¬†If you like Flower Shop, you will love Farmers Market.

BARS:  5



Now and Zen

Grapefruit and Chamomile

Now and Zen smells like my husband after a fresh shower. ¬†Hahaha, but you don’t know what that fragrance is do you?

Now and Zen is very clean.  Imagine a steamy sauna, a splash of shaving cream layered on after a citrus body wash.  This scent embodies calm.  If you like Lotus Cove, then you will love Now and Zen,

BARS:  4


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Pink Cotton

Buy Pink Cotton Scentsy Bar

Clean Cotton, Pink Berries, and Vanilla Sugar

What does a Unicorn’s laundry smell like? This Laundered cotton candy. ¬†A very clean yet feminine take. Like a fantasy pink cloud has enveloped your heart. ¬†If you like Berry of Paradise and Pima Cotton, then you will love Pink Cotton.

BARS:  2



Prickly Pear and Agave

Pear, Agave, and Sheer Petals

This scent smells exactly like agave and pears.  Haha.  It is a purist type of fragrance mixture.  The green cactus of the agave and the sweetness of the pear hidden just a bit further back.  If you like Polynesia Dreams, then you will love Prickly Pear and Agave.

BARS:  5


Scentsy Prickly Pear Bar

Strawberry Taffy

Buy Scentsy Strawberry Taffy Bar

Vanilla Taffy and Strawberry Puree

A sweet, yet sharp scent.  You definitely smell the Strawberry Puree as the tart version of the scent, not overly candy like.  The Taffy scent is present and gives off those Summer beach boardwalk vibes of nostalgia.  If you like Coastal Strawberry, then you will love Strawberry Taffy.

BARS:  2


Tropic Tango

Tangelo, Mango Puree, Coconut Milk

Ooh, Summer Sunshine!  This scent is like a tropical fruit drink beside a 5 star resort swimming pools. A hand-held refreshing dip for your senses.  It is perfection.  If you like Tingelo or Sunkissed Citrus, then you will love love Tropic Tango.

BARS:  5


Scentsy Tropic Tango

Waves & Wonders

Beach Grass, Coastal Cypress, and Amber Sand

Mmmmm…Fresh, natural, clean. ¬†Waves and Wonders is a rich scent with a watery ozonic base and a hint of cedar wood. ¬†The complexity of Amber is overlaid to round out this majestic fragrance. ¬†I adore this scent. ¬†If you like World Traveler, you will Love Waves and Wonders.

BARS:  5


A Rare Thing Has Happened

It very rarely happens that I like all of the new fragrances. ¬†And while I don’t think all of these new scents are perfect, there isn’t one that I really don’t like. ¬†Crazy! ¬†There’s typically a few that I think are stinkers, but not this time. ¬†Scentsy has hit it out of the park with this round of fragrance! ¬†Grab you some new scents and you won’t be disappointed.


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