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Scentsy Discount Sale

Scentsy Spring Flash Sale

You’ve asked for it and I’m giving it to you. It’s a Scentsy Spring Flash Sale!

Here’s your chance to grab your favorites at an incredible Scentsy Discount of UP TO 80% OFF

What is the Scentsy Spring Flash Sale?

Maybe you missed grabbing enough of those past season Scentsy Wax Melt Bars before the Catalog season changed over to spring? I bet you will find them in this Scentsy Sale. But don’t think that this Scentsy Sale is just wax melts. Nope. There will be plenty of other amazing Scentsy products to be had at a discount. Maybe even some of our flagship, lifetime warranty, Scentsy Burners. There have been some Scentsy Warmers at greatly reduced prices before. So get excited and add this Scentsy Spring Flash Sale to your calendar and always shop online at your convenience at ScentsWax.com.

When and Where is the Scentsy Discount?

You can Shop the Scentsy Discount Sale starting at 10am PST / 1Pm EST on Thursday, March 17th – Saturday, March 19th.

**All Scentsy Discount items are while supplies last. So DON’T wait to SHOP RIGHT HERE once the sale begins!**

There will be a Queueing system in place on Thursday at start time due to high web traffic. Please be patient and your shopping turn will automatically shift your webpage. Do not refresh your page.

Can I get these items after the Scentsy Sale ends?

Once the sale ends, you will be able to purchase any items that are still available, but at the price they were before the flash sale. No exceptions will be made. All items included in the sale have existing inventory.

There’s so much more to Scentsy than wax melts and warmers. Whether you need portable fragrance like a car kit or it’s cleaning and laundry supplies, we can make your entire world smell terrific. Make sure to check out of the current, awesome Scentsy products right HERE.

Keep up with Scentsy!

Get the scoop on Scentsy through texts! I spill the tea every Thursday before the Monday launch, sharing all the deets and cool tips over the weekend.

Not on mobile? No worries! Simply text “SCENTS WAX ALERTS” to 352.508.7636 📱🌟