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Shop The Transition Scentsy Sale - August 2018

It's that time again - 10% off SALE TIME!

It’s time to start the transition to Fall/Winter in the Scentsy world and that means that YOU get the rewards. For the entire month of August, Scentsy offers a fantastic discount on almost everything in the current Summer catalog.

*Exclusions: Licensed products & the Perfect Scentsy Bundle

scentsy august 2018 sale

What does the Scentsy sale mean for you?

You get your favorite Summer products and save some monaay, honaay!  It’s the perfect time to grab that warmer or diffuser that you have been eying for a while.

Or you can stock up on your favorite bars and scents that will remind you of the Summer sunshine on those frosty days ahead.  Want to save even more and get 6 bars for only $27?  That is saving you $9!  Wow!

Click here to grab this special pricing – 6 Bar Bundle

Scentsy Discontinued Scents - Starting 8/31

No more Skinny Dipping’? No more Summer Holiday? No more Sheer Leather?  Say it ain’t so!  But…it is.  So many incredible scents are leaving.  So many favorites gone after August 2018.

Do yourself a favor and get those Scentsy bars, Room Sprays, Scent Paks & Scent Circles NOW and save money in the process. 

discontinued scentsy 2018

Is Your Favorite On This List?

“A” is for Apple

Accidentally in Love

All You Need is Love

Aloha Citrus

Apricot Vanilla

Atlantic Air

Bergamot and Solar Driftwood

Berry of Paradise

Blue Hyacinth

Camu Camu

Caramel Sugar Cone

Coastal Strawberry

Darling Dahlia

Flower Child

Gleeful Grape

Havana Cabana

Kahiko Hula

Lemon Sorbet

Lemon Thyme Berry

Let’s Get Punchy


Lush Gardenia

Mandarin Splash

Midnight in Curacao

Paradise Punch


Peach & White Amber

Persian Lime & Sandalwood

Pineapple Pucker

Pineapple Sorbet

Rainforest Bungalow

Sheer Leather

Skinny Dippin’

Southern Sweet Tea

Strawberry Swirl

Summer Holiday

Summer Soleil

Summer Sunshine

Sweet Cucumber

Vanilla Oud

White Grapefruit

10 off scentsy sale

Scentsy is bringing so many new and incredible warmers for the Fall 2018 season that a lot of gorgeous warmers have to say bye-bye.  These pictured are just a handful of my favorites that are on SALE in the month of August and set to discontinue.  I know that you have been eying one of our super safe Scentsy warmers for a while.  Now is the time to get yours.  Click right here to see all the warmers available to you at a primo sale price!

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