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Pink Retro Truck Scentsy warmer may 2024
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Scentsy Pink Truck!

Pink trucks have become a must-have in farmhouse decor. This Scentsy Pink Retro Truck with Flower Delivery Lid will fit in perfectly. 

This truck can easily join your kitchen, entryway or mantel spring decor. But it really can be displayed all year long. 

And I know you’re wondering “are those headlights!?” Yes ma’am they are. And this whimsical pink Scentsy truck warmer even has working tail lights! 

You’re going to want to be first in line for this one – or you risk being left in a cloud of dust.

What does Bloom-ing Marvelous Scentsy bar smell like?

Spring blossoms dance in the sun alongside ripened red currant and gentle hints of golden amber. This scent of the month for May 2024 belongs to the flower fragrance family. 

When you’re warming a Scentsy fragrance you are melting a high-quality paraffin wax that is designed for long-lasting fragrance.

One Scentsy wax bar is made up of eight break-apart cubes designed to be used with any Scentsy Warmer.

As the cubes melt, they fill your space with fragrance. And you are safe to use — no wick, flame, smoke, or soot. Each wax bar is made in Idaho, USA., and has a net weight of 2.6 oz.



This fragrance can be added to your Scentsy Club subscription using the Always Get My Bar perk. Scentsy Bars added to Scentsy Club subscriptions will feature four collectible labels shipped at random. Bars can be added to subscriptions within 30 days of launch or while supplies last, whichever lasts longer.

Can I leave the Scentsy Pink Truck warmer on all night?

You sure can leave your vintage truck Scentsy warmer on all day and night. This warmer has a heating element that is used in electric wax warmers, they don’t pose a fire hazard. Nevertheless, I always recommend you follow your comfort level and if you’re not at home and want to turn your Scentsy warmers off, do that. If you want to turn them off when you’re asleep, do that. But you can feel safe knowing you have the option to leave any of your Scentsy warmers on 24-7-365.

Available May 1, 2024.

The discounts do not apply to the combine & save bundles – just a heads up.

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