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Scentsy mushroom warmer cute as a button

Scentsy Red Mushroom Burner

You’re not tripping – mushroom decor has been trending since 2020. It’s everywhere we look. 

Therefore, Scentsy Mushroom Warmer Cute as a Button was introduced into its Spring 2024 lineup. 

As history tells you these psychedelic fungi were typically found in your stoner friend’s room. But it’s finally gone mainstream in our home decor.

This Scentsy red mushroom burner, with a unique, handmade mosaic pattern is an incredibly easy way to embrace this trend without having to become a fungi expert.

The Scentsy Mushroom Warmer Cute as a Button is a 6″ tall glass wax melter. It will heat your wax bars via a low-watt light bulb. Thus making your atmosphere warm and inviting. 

Can I leave the Scentsy Mushroom warmer on all night?

Your Scentsy red mushroom burner can shine bright for as long as you decide. This warmer has a low-watt bulb that is used in electric wax warmers, they don’t pose a fire hazard. Nevertheless, I always recommend you follow your comfort level and if you’re not at home and want to turn your Scentsy warmers off, do that. If you want to turn them off when you’re asleep, do that. But you can feel safe knowing you have the option to leave any of your Scentsy warmers on 24-7-365.

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