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Scentsy® Mini Fan Diffuser

The Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser is pererfect for the office, car, or anywhere there’s a USB port. Easy to charge and pack.

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The New Spring 2020 catalog releases Scenty’s new mini fan diffusers. These are refill easily and give up to 120 hours of fragrance release. 

Three new colors can be seen below, also shown compared to a standard laptop (below) to get a sense of the little amount of space needed. 

Mini Fan Diffuser

1.5 Inches Tall
$ 15 Mini Fan Diffuser
  • Charge Via USB
  • Only 1.5 Inches Tall
  • Up to 120 Hours of Fragrance
New 2020

How To Use USB Fan Diffusers

Fill with your favorite Scenty Pod fragrances, scented beads that are non-toxic and safe to use. Plug the unit into a USB port and enjoy immediate fragrance that fits in any space. Works with any home outlet or car USB charging station.

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Mini Scent Diffuser Refills

Wondering about refilling your mini diffuser? Refills are easy to use, just use the Scentsy Pods. Refill pods come in a variety of packs and fragrances. Lasting up to 120 hours of no-nonsense scents, these powerful pods are easy to pack. Most importantly however, these pods use scented beads that are non-toxic and will not spill. Scentsy Pods are also used in the Scentsy Go & Scentsy Wall Fan Diffusers

Looking for a specific scent or just need a recommendation?

Fill out the brief form here and I’d be glad to use my extensive knowledge to match you with the right fragrance! Wondering about discounts? Leave a note here and mention you are looking for information on the flash sales or Scentsy clearance, I’ll be sure to keep you posted. 

Mini Wall Fan Diffusers - Specs

Wall fan diffusers will plug into any standard outlet and feature a cute, sturdy shell that’s perfect for quickly fragrancing a room. These wall fan diffusers are only 5 inches in height, making them discreet and out of the way if need be.