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Scentsy Bulbs 101

Replacements, Warmer Watts, Sizing and More

If you’re looking to buy Scentsy replacement bulbs, look no further! Click the button below to browse all the current bulbs and replacement parts for your wax warmers. A popular question that I get are what size bulbs should I use for my warmer? I’ve complied some answers below but feel free to reach out with questions if you aren’t sure!

You've got bulb questions? I've got bulb answers.

It finally happened…your Scentsy light bulb bit the dust.  Now, you know it’s an easy fix.  You just need a new bulb.  But what size bulb?  Where can you get another one?  Can you run down to the hardware store and grab a new nightlight bulb?  These are very common questions so if you have them too you are in good company.  So, let me give you the 411 on light bulbs.

What size bulb do you need?

The type & wattage bulb you need is dependent on which warmer that you have.  All Scentsy warmers that use a bulb (not all warmers do) will have one of three sizes & wattages.

If you have a mini-warmer then you will need a 15w bulb with a candelabra stem.  A lot of people go to the local hardware store and get a nightlight bulb.  Then they call me and say it doesn’t melt their wax.  That’s because it’s typically a 4w nightlight bulb.  It won’t work.  Buy authentic Scentsy bulbs and you will have no problems.  You can even get a discount if you click here.

Or maybe you need a bulb for a full-size warmer.  Then you will need either a 20w or 25w bulb.

But how can you tell which one you need?  Use one of these four ways:

  • You can check the current catalog and if your warmer is still current & featured then you will see the wattage listed.
  • Check the bottom of your warmer.  There is a handy-dandy grey sticker that lists the wattage of the bulb you need.
  • You can check this chart from Scentsy corporate office.
  • You can ask me!  I can always direct you.
wax warmer light bulbs

Can I use a different brand bulb in my Scentsy warmers?

The short answer is yes, you can.  The longer answer is a little more technical. If you decide to use a different brand bulb please make sure you stay with the correct wattage.  Increasing the bulb wattage can possibly damage your warmer as it is designed to work with a lower wattage bulb for lower temperatures and safety.  If you use a higher wattage bulb and it does damage your warmer you have voided the famous Scentsy Lifetime Warranty. Also, when you use the incorrect wattage you run the risk of wasting your money. Too low of a wattage and your wax doesn’t melt.  Then you buy a Scentsy bulb & you wasted money on the off-brand bulb. Too high of a wattage and even if you don’t damage your warmer, you still shorten the time of fragrance being emitted from you wax.  Scentsy bars are developed for a low melting point.  Anything hotter will cause the scent to evaporate faster.

How long does a Scentsy bulb last?

That is a very subjective question, but I can answer it with my slightly unscientific research here in my home. Any lightbulb creates light by heating up a filament wire.  That wire is hair thin.  The more often that filament is stressed with heating up (warmer on) and cooling down (warmer off) the faster it will break and fail.  What does that mean?  It’s actually more cost efficient to leave your bulbs on all the time.  The filament will last much longer.  My warmers are on 24hrs a day and my bulbs last at minimum – 1 year.  Your results may vary. But Phyllis, what if I don’t want my scent warming 24hrs a day?  No problem – just remove your warmer dish.  That’s what I do.  If it’s a mini warmer, I do turn them on and off because $2 every 8-12 months just ain’t a big thing to me. But you do you.
wax warmer light bulbs

Do I need a lightbulb for my Element warmer or my Diffuser?

Nope.  An Element warmer does not use a lightbulb.  Those warmers use a warming plate internally.  Nothing needs to be changed. A Diffuser uses internal LED lights in the base piece.  They never need to be changed.  If the lights in your Diffuser quit working you will probably need a new base and can take advantage of the Limited Lifetime Warranty.
scentsy bulbs

The Bottom Line

Don’t cut corners.  Get you some authentic Scentsy bulbs and never worry.  Grab a 3 pack in the size and wattage you need.  Then you will be stocked up for quite a while.

Happy Warming!

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