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Scentsy® Kids

Scentsy Kids products are great for kicking up the fun with imaginative products and bright, kid-friendly fragrances. Browse below for 2019 kids line of Scentsy Friends, Sidekicks, and Buddies!






Some Frequently Asked Questions & Info For Children's Scentsy

Scentsy® Clean Products

Scentsy Warmers & Kids

A warmers in child’s environment work exactly the same as all the other warmers. YES, it is safer for small children than a candle flame. Either a small wattage light bulb or warming plate brings the fragrant wax to a melting point. Because Scentsy wax is a soft, food-grade paraffin the amount of heat required to melt it is very low.

The temperature that is required to actually melt the wax is actually just above that of the human body temperature. You can rest assured that your child will not be burned should they play with the wax in their warmer. And since we all know the little ones might be tempted to take a nibble, don’t worry. The wax in the warmer is actually the same wax that is sprayed on produce in your local grocery store.

Children Safety For Warmers and Diffusers

Warmers and Diffusers are perfectly safe to leave unattended in your child’s room. A warmer is classified as a small lamp and safe to leave on 24/7 if you’d like. I leave my 4 year old’s wamer on 24/7. Scentsy warmers are also designed to absorb a power surge should one occur. Diffuser shades are made of glass, ceramic, or a polymer. Each diffuser shade is gorgeous, but a bit on the heavier side.  You decide if you want to use the shade or just the diffuser core (where the action happens).

A diffuser is always safe to leave unattended as it produces a cool mist and has an auto shut-off feature when the water reservoir becomes empty from use. Both the Scentsy warmer and diffusers carry the Lifetime Warranty against mechanical defect.

Scentsy kid diffuser
Scentsy Purple Unicorn

Scentsy Buddy Animals

All of the Scentsy Buddies are unique and may be made of different fabrics and textures depending on the look of the animal. Some are plush and some have a more

Something unique about the Scentsy stuffed buddies is the fact that each one is limited in availability.


When they go on sale they may only last one season due to the revolving nature of trends and children preferences. All buddies are soft, cuddly, and of course smell terrific. They make the perfect sleeping companion or Tooth Fairy assistant. Did you know, that each Scentsy buddy comes with your choice of Scentsy Scent Pak, so you are free to customize the mood of your energetic child.

Scent Directions & DurationThe Scent Pak inside the buddy is designed to last 30 days. To insert the Scent Pak into the Scentsy Buddy, open the zippered pouch in your buddy’s back, insert a Scent Pak, and zipper the pouch back up. Easy!

Buddy Clips

Scenty’s Buddy Clips are perfect for a scented pal to-go!

Just like Scentsy Scent Pak, each buddy is filled with a unique fragrance (made of scented beads) that give off a friendly and warm scent. Featured here is Calypso The Unicorn, just one of the different clips you can collect. Buddy clips are recommended for children ages 3 and older.


The buddy clips themselves are 4.5 inches tall, making them a perfect size to carry anywhere. They won’t get in the way and aren’t bulky enough to fit in cubbies and lockers. The beaded scents last just about 30 days. Each buddy clip contains just as much fragranced packed in as a Scent Pak.

Scentsy Unicorn Buddy Clip

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