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UPDATE! 7/11/2023 


Text the word SALE to 352-508-7636 to receive alerts when all future Scentsy SALES are announced.


Scentsy Flash SALE on July 6-7, while supplies last

Scentsy offers incredible Sales several times per year. And just like I’ve told you here, we are doing it again. Make sure you take part in the the Scentsy July Flash Sale!

When: Starting at 11 am ET Wednesday, July 6 – 11 am ET Thursday, July 7 or while supplies last.

Where: Specials Tab under Flash Sale

Cost: Up to 70% off select products, plus three exclusive Wax Melt Bar bundles for $30

As we’re preparing for a new catalog season, it’s the perfect time to refresh and reset. To help make room for all the exciting new things we have coming up, we’re having a 24-hour sale with up to 70% off select products. And all orders over $100 placed during the flash sale will receive a free pack of Cotton Cleanup! ($10 value).

Scentsy July Flash Sale Details

We have worked hard to address our system to make this sale successful and run smoothly. Please note: We will do our best to ship flash sale orders as quickly as possible, but orders may take up to 21 business days to ship. We will try to prioritize non-flash sale orders, but some flash sale orders may ship before non-flash sale orders due to the nature of our processing system.

Once the sale ends, you will be able to purchase any items that are still available, but at the price they were before the flash sale. All items included in the sale have existing inventory on hand in our distribution centers. Sale products are not eligible for Bundle & Save.

Sun-Ripened Berry Scentsy Bar

Coastal Strawberry Scentsy Bar

Gleeful Grape Scentsy Bar

Apple & Oats Scentsy Bar

Grandma’s Orchard Scentsy Bar

Darling Dahlia Scentsy Bar

White Grapefruit Scentsy Bar

“A” is for Apple Scentsy Bar

Watermelon Wave Scentsy Bar

Grapefruit Sunshine Scentsy Bar

Sleigh All Day Scentsy Bar

I’m Snow Over It Scentsy Bar

Snowkissed Cranberry Scentsy Bar

Christmas Cactus Scentsy Bar

Honey Pear Cider Scentsy Bar

Candied Cranberry Pecan Scentsy Bar

Holly Berry Cinnamon Scentsy Bar

Cozy Chai Scentsy Bar

Christmas Cuddles Scentsy Bar

Pretty in Plaid Scentsy Bar

Palo Santo Scentsy Bar

Alpine Meadow Scentsy Bar

Stargazing Scentsy Bar

Scarlet Woods Scentsy Bar

Just Fir You Scentsy Bar

Painted Leaves Scentsy Bar

Rainforest Bungalow Scentsy Bar

Rainbows & Butterflies Scentsy Bar

Rise & Sunshine Scentsy Bar

Vanilla Oud Scentsy Bar

Text the word SALE to 864-402-4199 to receive alerts when all Scentsy SALES are announced.


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