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Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Chrsitmas 30th Anniv Collectors Warmer AVALIABLE!

September 2022 Update:  Jack is coming back in the form of SANTA JACK!  

Click HERE for the info of how you can get your NEW! Christmas Jack Skellington Scentsy items.

2022 Santa Jack Skellington Warmer
Santa Jack Skellington - 2022 Nightmare Before Christmas Scentsy Collection
Scentsy Jack Skellington Skeleton Warmer

The New Scentsy Jack Skellington Warmer ($65) is coming!  September 1st will bring the 2019 Scentsy Harvest Collection. This Nightmare Before Christmas item is part of the Collection, along with a brand new fragrance bar called Jack’s Obsession.

Jack’s Obsession Scentsy Bar ($6.50): Eureka! This cauldron-full of APPLE spiced with CLOVE and CINNAMON makes for a ghoulishly grand brew.


All hail the Pumpkin King! Transform your home into a place of reverence by letting Jack Skellingtonfrom Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas rule your spooky setup this Halloween.

9″ tall and uses a 25 watt bulb

The Scentsy Jack Skellington Warmer Is So Detailed – Check It Out!


Jack's Obsession Scentsy Bar
Pumpkin King Scentsy Dish

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