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Scentsy Holiday Collection 2018

The 2018 Scentsy Holiday Collection is here, and it’s glowing with those warm-me-up holiday vibes! The Scentsy 2018 fall and winter catalog is one of our favorites in years, and that is saying a lot because we are in love with our Holiday Collections every year.  

Starting on October 1st, you can get your hands on our Holiday and Christmas wax warmers, and Scentsy Christmas scents and Holiday scents. You are not going to want to miss out on the new Scentsy warmers and scents if you are a Scentsy lover like we are. Plus, some of the best selling Scentsy products from previous Holiday Collections are returning this fall/winter.  

Scentsy holiday is a time when we can invigorate the memories of our childhood and create new memories that will last a lifetime for our kids and family. We have a lot of specials coming this winter so be sure to leave us with your email so we can keep you updated on all that is to come.

Happy Holidays!



Scentsy Holiday Collection 2018

Scentsy Christmas Warmers

Christmas candle warmers for those who want to add some “character” to their life. This includes wax melt warmers and wax wall warmers of all shapes and sizes, animated with our love for Christmas. 

Scentsy Holiday Warmers

Holiday candle warmers for those who crave some faith-based inspiration. These also include electric wax scent warmers and wall warmers, which represent our heritage beautifully.

What about new Scentsy Holiday Scents?

All of our Christmas candle warmers and Holiday candle warmers come with amazing new Scentsy Christmas scents, of course. Tis’ the season for delicious smells, and Scentsy hit the nail on the head again. Year after year Scentsy manages to deliver the smells we want and the smells we need!

What else? Of course, there is more - New Scentsy Diffuser!

We have a new Holiday Scentsy Diffuser with amazing holiday fragrance oils, or as we like to say, the Christmas essential for your diffuser.

Plus More - Scentsy Hand Soap, Laundry Liquid and Washer Whiffs

We never just want to keep the air smelling winter-wonderful; we want our bodies and clothes smelling of the winter spirit too! There’s Scentsy Hand Soap, Scentsy Laundry Liquid and Washer Whiffs, and a favorite amongst those who love stuffed animals, Scentsy scented Buddies, all inspired by the scents of fall and winter! 

Now what you all came to see, the new product lines and each individual product in our 2018 Scentsy Holiday Collection!

“Get into character” Scentsy Christmas Warmers 2018

Don’t you adore the characters that represent Christmas? I know we do!

Below are going to show you all the new wax melt warmers (and some stuff that is returning from previous years) from Scentsy’s Get Into Character line:

scentsy Gnome warmer

“Gnome For The Holidays” – Scentsy Gnome Warmer

This guy is absolutely adorable.  He is the perfect piece that states ‘a little mischief makes the winter season warmer’.  It’s a very cute little gnome with a hat that comes off and underneath you will find the warmer plate to place all your favorite Christmas wax melts.

“Boston Blitzen” Scentsy Dog Warmer

Dog warmers are super trendy right now so we are really thrilled to bring this little Boston Terrier to you guys this season.  His name is Boston Blitzen and he will bring all the warmth a scent could ask for during the holidays. You can remove his head, where underneath you will find the wax melt dish.

Boston Dog Warmer
scentsy sleigh bell warmer

Scentsy Sleigh Bell Warmer

Celebrate the jingle of Christmas with the Sleigh Bell warmer. This warmer is so cute with its little bow and star cutouts. It looks just like a Sleigh Bell, but bigger. We are expecting this one to be really popular.

Scentsy Holiday Snowman Warmer (Scentsy wall warmer)

This is our Holiday Snowman mini warmer. They can be displayed on mini tabletop bases, which are available within the collection. Nonetheless, they do come with our standard plug-in base. Snowman warmers are always a hit so we think this one will sell fast.

Scentsy Snowman wall warmer
scentsy sleigh bell warmer

Scentsy Holiday Lights Warmer (Scentsy plug-in wall warmer)

Light up your room with Christmas lights. The returning Scentsy Warmer is the epitome of Christmas decorations. We love having lights outside on the roof for all to see, and we need night-lights on the inside for the family to enjoy and sneak around the house on those dark winter nights. Not only does it light up, but of course it produces a smell that will tantalize your “smell-buds”.

Scentsy Gingerbread Man Warmer (night light plug in warmer)

Returning from last years 2017 Holiday Collection is the Gingerbread Man warmer. He is such a cute little gingerbread man lounging and bathing comfortably in his mug of wax melts. There is a reason Scentsy brought him back, he’s just too adorable.

Scentsy Gingerbread Man warmer

“Holiday Heritage” Scentsy Fall Winter 2018 Warmers

Scentsy Christmas Cardinal Warmers

“Christmas Cardinal” New Scentsy Cardinal Warmer

Here is our Cardinal warmer and Cardinal mini. They are both darling and we absolutely love Cardinals. They come separately or you can get both – it’s your choice and we stocked up on both.

“Adorn” Scentsy Christmas Wall Warmer

The rustic, gold-toned finish and classic etched illustration of the Adorn treats us with an ornament-like look that we all love and treasure during the holidays. This is a traditional look that has been passed down through the generations and it will never go out of style, just as the holidays never do. 

Scentsy Gold adorn warmer
Scentsy Santa Boots warmer

Scentsy Down The Chimney Warmer

Down the Chimney come Old Saint Nick….’s boots! The loveable boots of Santa have returned this 2018 fall and winter season thanks to the unwavering support of this beloved warmer. The classic boots need no introduction or explanation. However, just know that the only thing going in these boots this holiday are delicious smells, not sweaty feet from a hard working lovable old man with a massive white beard.

“Merry Mug” Scentsy Santa Warmer

The Merry Mug is a one-piece and it’s a lovely warmer that is sure to make you feel merry when seeing it on your tabletop. He has tiny rosy cheeks and you can sit him on a plate with some delicious cookies.

Scentsy Santa Mug Warmer

“A Show Of Faith” Scentsy Holiday Warmers 2018

Scentsy Menorah warmer

Scentsy Menorah Warmer (mini wall warmer)

The Menorah is one of the best sellers from past holiday collections, yet this one was brought back in mini form. The perfect mini wall warmer for all those who celebrate Hanukah or just simply enjoy the story behind the Menorah. It is the perfect holiday edition. The Menorah comes in plug-in form and it supports an optional table-top base as well.

Scentsy Holy Night Warmer (wall warmer)

It is a glowing city scene of old Jerusalem, a tribute to why we actually celebrate Christmas. It is a religious-inspired holiday wall warmer that we couldn’t live without this holiday season. The matte blue finish and intricate etchings truly make this wall warmer. It has such a stunning and sophisticated look.

Scentsy Holy Night mini warmer

Scentsy Diffuser “Frost” Shade + Base

Scentsy Frost Holiday Diffuser

Frost Diffuser

This gorgeous diffuser named Frost is simply awesome.  It has a silver brushed, nickel-esque look with snowflakes. It is absolutely beautiful and how the light comes through makes it even better. The kaleidoscope of colors is a fantastic way to light up your holiday season. 

Holiday Oils (Scentsy Diffuser Oils)

  • Christmas Pine (Christmas Tree Essential Oil Blend)
  • Cinnamon Bark Oil
  • Peppermint Stick Oil
Scentsy Holiday Essential Oil

Scentsy Holiday Fragrances

Hand Soap Gift Bundle

This is a hand soap gift bundle, which is a set of three:

– Scentsy Silver Bells Hand Soap

– “Vanillamint” Scentsy Hand Soap

– Very Merry Cranberry Scentsy Hand Soap

These are three of the most wonderful fragrances you could ask for and the wraps on the bottles perfectly complement the amazing smells and cleanliness of the soap inside.

That’s not all! We also have BATH BOMBS.


Scentsy Bath Bombs Holiday Scents are:

  • Very Merry Bath bomb 
  • Vanillamint Bath bomb

There is a special little ‘to and from’ label on the box of the bath bomb, which makes it the perfect little gift for a loved one, friend or neighbor. Did someone say stocking stuffer? We did!


*More Bath Bomb Fragrances click here.

Hand Soap Gift Bundle

Merry Makers - Scentsy Buddy Clips

We know a lot of people love the Scentsy Buddies. These little guys are too cute and they have jingle bells inside of them so they not only smell great, they make the sounds we expect and love for the holiday season.


Elliot Elf Buddy Clip 

Scentsy Elf Buddy Clip

He comes scented in Very Merry Cranberry. You might be wondering, does he only eat sugar and maple syrup? Well, the answer is yes! He’s your tiny little elf just as you’d imagine. 

Boris The Yeti Buddy Clip

Scentsy Boris Yeti Buddy Clip

He comes in Candy Crave to tickle your sense of smell deliciously.

Scentsy Holiday Fragrances

How long do scentsy buddy clips last?

This is a common question we come across, so to answer this in the simplest way, Buddy Clips are filled with 1.5 oz. of fragrance beads, the same material used in our Scent Paks, and the fragrance will last anywhere from 1 – 6 months.

Washing In A Winter Wonderland – Scentsy Laundry Liquid & Scentsy Washer Whiffs

Last but not least, we have another amazing bundle. This one is for your laundry, to keep your clothes smelling as good as the rest this holiday. If you like your clothes to smell yummy and festive, this is the perfect laundry bundle for you. 

Silver Bells Scentsy Laundry Liquid BUNDLED WITH Silver Bells Scentsy Washer Whiffs 

Scentsy Silver Bells Laundry

You get 1 Laundry Liquid and 2 Washer Whiffs with the smaller size jars. 

What does silver bells scentsy smell like?

If you don’t know the Silver Bell smell, it is “mint candy canes dance over warm and welcoming winter pear, all enveloped in a velvety blanket of caramel and vanilla sugar”. Now doesn’t that smell out of this world? This one has always been a favorite amongst the Scentsy family. 


To Wrap It All Up

We are really pumped to bring this to you on October 1st, and we hope you have a wonderfully, smell-good holiday season!

Remember, the entire Scentsy Holiday Collection is part of a Limited Time Offer.  Therefore, when these incredible products are gone, they are really gone. Make sure you CLICK the button below to get your cherished items!

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