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Scentsy Harvest Collection 2018

There is so much to love about fall. The delightful yet spooky season brings on beautiful colors, delicious smells, scary sounds, and of course, the wonderful Scentsy Harvest Collection!   Scentsy fall scents and harvest warmers burst with autumn colors and fragrances that invigorate the senses of our youth. We couldn’t imagine a fall season without Scentsy Halloween warmers like the warm, country glow of a rustic pumpkin or the creepy grin of a skeleton.

Many of the Scentsy products on this page require a bulb, at varying wattage. Find and browse more information about Scentsy bulbs by clicking the button below.

Scentsy Harvest Collection

The best of the Scentsy Harvest Collection

I must confess…we are all about to FALL in love with the Scentsy Harvest Collection.  The very best parts of Fall are captured in this collection.  From the autumn colors of leaves falling to the spooky fun times and don’t forget the unforgettable scents of the season.

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Pick of the Patch

Celebrate the fruits of the harvest with an 8″ tall stack of just-picked pumpkins.. This is an element warmer and does not require a lightbulb.

Give Thanks

The wonderful message of gratitude expressed with just enough farmhouse chic flair.  This 7.5″ tall warmer will captivate you with the glow from the included 40w Edison lightbulb.

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scentsy wax bar ingredients
Rustic Jack

Galvanized metal and farmhouse chic goes full-on frightening with an ominous grin and haunting, Halloween-ready glow. Rustic Jack will glow about your space with the included 25w bulb.

Rustic Pumpkin

Are you looking for a more neutral autumn look? Like the natural-born beauty that inspired it, Rustic Pumpkin brings an earthy, sophisticated look to any display.  This 8″ tall warmer uses a 20w bulb to fragrance your home.

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Scentsy Halloween Warmers

If you are a fan of the more spooky side of the season then check out these Halloween style warmers that are included in the Scentsy Harvest Collection.


Make this guy the master of your Halloween ceremonies to ensure a ghoulishly good time is had by all. 8″ tall element warmer.  No bulb required.

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The Raven Wrap with Etched Core warmer

A raven stands big and bold against a neutral canvas to create this legendary Halloween silhouette.  If you already own the Etched Core warmer, The Raven Wrap is available as a stand alone item.  Wrap is 6″ tall and Etched Core warmer uses the included 25w bulb.

Scentsy Wall Warmers

Are you looking for a warmer to fit in a more compact space and still celebrate the Autumn season?  Look no further than the Scentsy mini warmers.  These warmers plug directly into your wall electrical outlet. Or if you prefer, transformed with the table-top base addition.  (Base sold separately)

Spooky House

A haunted abode looms ominously against a wave of soft, ghostly light.  This 4.5″ tall mini wall warmer plugs directly into your electrical outlet or you can change the look by adding a table top base (additional $15)

Dearly Departed

This classically creepy skull is dead-set on dialing up the fear factor with its eerie glow.  This 3.5″ mini wall warmer plugs directly into your electrical outlet with the included base.  Or change the look with the addition of a table top base ($15)

Hello Fall

Welcome sweater weather with a glowing declaration of color and light.  This mini wall warmer is shown with the table top base addition.  Hello Fall comes with the wall warmer base included.  To recreate this look you can purchase the table top base ($15).

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Scentsy Scents For Fall 2018: Scentsy Bars and Hand Soaps.

We can’t forget the amazing fragrance part of the Scentsy Harvest Collection equation!  What’s a gorgeous warmer without the perfect Scentsy Halloween scents to warm?  Scentsy’s fall bars, commonly referred to as fall wax melts, will invite those crisp, autumn days right into your home.  Nothing beats Scentsy holiday scents!


Scentsy Halloween Bars

Apple and Cinnamon Sticks

Enjoy the outdoor fragrance of a roadside, apple orchard.  Apple peel, Spiced white pumpkin and a touch of Oak will bring you back to a Sunday afternoon picking the perfect bushel.

Farmstand Pumpkin

Welcome to the evening glow of fall.  Indulgent notes of fresh Apple, Cinnamon stick, Pumpkin and Caramel will delight your senses and usher in autumn with perfection.

Scentsy Hand Soap


Other Must-Have products from the Scentsy Harvest Collection

You simply can’t ignore the cuteness listed below!  Make the little ones happy with the Scentsy Harvest Collection as well.  Vlad the Bat and Buddy clothing is sure to delight all the little ghosts and goblins out there.

Vlad the Bat Buddy Clip

This clip-on cutie will add a spooky-sweet accent to trick-or-treat bags, backpacks and more! Scented with Oodles of Orange.  4.5″ tall and oh so sweet-smelling.  Clip Vlad anywhere to perk up your fragrance.

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Pumpkin Buddy Clothing

Do you already own a full size Scentsy Buddy? One boo-ready Buddy coming up! This adorable getup fits most full-size Scentsy Buddies, so go ahead and splurge. Modeled by Lenny the Lamb, 16″ tall ($25, sold separately)

Each and every piece of the Scentsy Harvest Collection is sure to delight your senses.  And you can fulfill your entire wishlist on September 1st.  Don’t miss out on anything!  The items in the Scentsy Harvest Collection are all limited time offerings. When they are gone, they are gone.  So don’t stir your cauldron too long!

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