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Dudes Love It Too!

Scentsy for men is a real thing. It’s a common misconception that only women love their Scentsy, and it couldn’t be more wrong. When you are an awesome Scentsy Lady like me, you get to hear from all kinds of people and quickly find trends.  What’s the trend?  Men love Scentsy, but they like to stay quiet about it.

scentsy for men

Scentsy has an entire line of scents for men – called Dashing

The Dashing line is filled with scents like My Dear Watson and Persian Lime & Sandalwood.  The notes in the Dashing line are scents that we typically gender assign to males.  Scents like Bergamot, Cedar, Lime, Sandalwood, and Musk, but women love those scents too.

Do you know what I’ve found though?  Men REALLY like fruity scents and bakery scents!  I mean really, really like them.  They keep quiet, but they order Go, Go Mango, Skinny Dippin’, and Baked Apple Pie for their homes and their cars like it’s going out of style.

Don’t be shy you guys!  Fragrance is loved by everyone so spread your love of that fruity “girly” scent.  I bet you your lady will enjoy it just as much as you.  How refreshing is the man who doesn’t feel the need to comply with gender assigned scents.  If you love your Vanilla Bean Buttercream, then share it with the world!

body fragrance for men

You Can Groom Yourself With Scentsy Men's Fragrance

Whether you like masculine scents like Persian Lime & Sandalwood or a the bright freshness of Sunkissed Citrus, Scentsy has you covered from head-to-toe, literally.  Body wash, body creams, and hand soaps are all available to keep you clean and smelling phenomenal in an understated way.

Fight the funk!

Be honest.  Do you fall over dead when you open that gym, soccer, or hockey bag?  It’s ok.  The human body produces some pretty stanky stuff and when left closed up in a small space like a workout bag…well, we’ve all been left holding our nose.  Toss a Scent Pak in and see the difference!  You and your gym bag will be pleasantly surprised.

scentsy for body odor
scentsy bathroom spray

Bathroom Sensibilites

Guys, we know how y’all love to hang out in the bathroom.  I think y’all have a little club or something.  Do you see that little Room Spray to the left?  That is a lifesaver!  Two little spritzes on the toilet water before you go and no more complaints from the rest of the family after your club meeting.  Seriously, Rainforest Bungalow was made for the master cover-up!

Guys love a great smelling car!

It always astounds me how well most men keep their car interiors pristine.  I love it and I’m jealous as my mom-mobile is full of dried up French fries from the kids.  Keep your car smelling intensely fresh and clean with a Mystery Man Car Bar or any of the other scents and don’t forget the Scent Circles too.

Car Scent For Men
Home Fragrance For Men

Don't Forget Your Man Cave

Maybe you have a man cave and maybe you don’t.  Regardless, you can have a more manly warmer in your home space.  Scentsy doesn’t have to be all frilly and delicate.  We cater to the dudes as well.  We’ve got you covered in all aspects of life.  So guys?  What are ya waiting for?  Let your love of fragrance shine bright. Whether it be Dashing or fruit-filled; life is better with scent.  Get you some Scentsy!

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