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Scentsy Flash Sales and Discounts For 2022

Get the insider-scoop on Scentsy Specials and Deals from Scentsy Director – Barbara Semento. Need help putting together a bundled package from the catalog? Glad to help! Check out the info below to learn about discounts, flash sales and stay updated!

Bundle & Buy The Best Scentsy Deals:

Wondering where to get Scentsy deals? Look no further! This page has the inside scoop on getting bundled scentsy deals. Below are a few popular options to get you started (including the buy 5 get one free scentsy bar deal). At the bottom of this page, feel free to fill out the form to get notified of any last minute deals and flash sales. 

6 Scent Circles

Buy 5 Get One Free
$ 15 Bundled Deal
  • Six Total Scent Circles
  • Select Your Fragrances
  • Buy 5 Get One Free

6 Scentsy Bars

Buy 5 Get One Free
$ 30 Bundled Deal
  • Six Total Scentsy Bars
  • Select Your Fragrances
  • Buy 5 Get One Free

6 Room Sprays

Buy 5 Get One Free
$ 40 Bundled Deal
  • Six Total Room Sprays
  • Select Your Fragrances
  • Buy 5 Get One Free

New Catalog - New Scentsy Discounts & Deals

Every so often Scentsy has flash sales and limited-time discounts. Besides Scentsy Buddies being limited by nature, other Scentsy fragrances, scents and products will leave in order to make room for the new catalog.

Scentsy also has bundled deals inside every new season’s catalog. These can be everything from warmer bundles with new wax melts or sales on diffusers and select bars.

When Can I Get a Discount?

Scentsy has a clearance section available at all times.  The products there are offered at 20% or MORE off everyday. Check in often as the items available are constantly changing and updating.

Scentsy, on occasion, will offer Flash Sales of products.  When you see me tell you one is coming, you better be ready!  Sometimes these sales are up to 80% off and the items do not last long at those prices.  

What Is a Scentsy Sale?

A Scentsy sale (otherwise known as a Flash Sale) is what happens when Scentsy starts to make room for new products and fragrances. Out with the old and in with the new! Scentsy bar deals and bundled packages are common during a flash sale but the caveat is that the deals will not last. Similar to limited releases and Holiday-themed items, not all products will be made forever. There is a certain number of items shipped per product and then on to the next catalog…so get them while they last!

What Are Some of the Best Bundled Deals?

You can also bundle Scent Circles, Travel Tins, Scent Paks, Car Bars, Room Sprays, Scentsy Fresh, Counter Clean and Kitchen Soap into 3 or 6 packs and save. Of course, the famous Scentsy Bars can be bundles into a Buy 5 get 1 Free!  Bringing your price down by $6. This is your best bet you crazy wax lover!

How Do I Claim The Discounts from Scentsy?

Scentsy Sale prices are available 365 days per year and no discount code, coupon, or registration is ever needed.

Be wary, if you do happen to come across discount codes for 3rd party websites (non-Scentsy sites) keep in mind that these might not actually be authentic scentsy products.

That being said, there are ways in which THIS Scentsy Independent Consultant can work her magic to get you the scents you want at a better price from time to time. Glad to assist if you have questions or are in need of a discounted deal.

What Is The Best Fragrance Deal?

One of the most popular Scentsy discounts & bundled packages is the Scentsy fragrance bar 6 pack. The deal: Buy 5 wax bars (of any fragrance of your choosing) and get the 6th bar 100% free. Not a bad deal, right?


This is a great way to try or sample a new fragrance that you might not have tried yet with no risk to you! This deal is available 24/7, no holiday restrictions.

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