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Scentsy Fall Scents Review 2018

Scentsy Scent Review for Fall 2018

Because you’ve seen what’s arrived in the catalog so now it’s time to have a new Scentsy Fall Scents Review 2018. Check out my video down below to see and hear what rating I give for the best Scentsy scents or keep reading for each scent description.  I will tell you all about the strongest scents and each note of fragrance in detail.  I give honest and non-biased reviews of the 2018 Scentsy fall collection.

Because each person’s sniffer is different, I like use a Bar and Star scale to rate these scents.

Bars = scent intensity from 1-5 with 1 being the softest and 5 being the strongest.

Stars = how much I like a scent overall from 1-10 with 1 being “Don’t even bring it in my nose-space” and 10 being “Give me ALL of this scent”.

Scentsy Fall Scent Review 2018

Best Scentsy Scents for Fall 2018

What are the best new Scentsy scents for fall in 2018?  Consequently, that depends on what fragrances that YOU like. Therefore, in this post I am reviewing all of the new fragrances from the Scentsy Fall Catalog.  Watch this quick video or keep reading to see all of the Scentsy fall scents review 2018.

Scentsy Fall 2018 Collection and Review: Scentsy Bars, Room Spray, and Scent Circles

Every fragrance listed below is described and rated by my opinion only. That’s the beautiful thing about scent; each nose picks up different notes in a fragrance. Hence, you may love a scent that I just don’t care for and vice versa.  But one thing is for sure; because there is a scent (or ten) in the Scentsy world that is just perfect for you!  Therefore, with 85+ scents available you are sure to find your favorites.

Each of the new scents listed below are available as:

Wax melts, also known as Scentsy Bars.

Air freshener, also known as Room Spray.

Car air fresheners, also known as Scent Circles.

Scentsy apple cherry strudel bar review

Apple Cherry Strudel

The true cherry fragrance pops out at you, but is softened with the scent of melting vanilla ice cream.  A bright undertone of crisp Granny Smith apples finishes this fragrance to perfection.  If you love Sweet Plum Pastry from Scentsy then you will love Apple Cherry Strudel.

Bar Scale: 3      Star Scale: 7

Christmas Cactus

This scent is a new kind of Christmas tree.  Say what? Yep, this one can be warmed all winter as it is a true fir tree fragrance that is sweetened and the edges are softened with green aloe and agave. Toss in the slight grapefruit finish and you have the perfect forest smell without the pine cleaner sharpness.  If you like White Tea & Cactus, you will like Christmas Cactus.

Bars = 2      Stars = 6

scentsy air freshener christmas cactus
Lavender Cotton Scentsy Scent Circle

Lavender Cotton

Do you love the fresh, clean scent of hot laundry straight from the dryer? How about the earthy floral fragrance of lavender? You are in luck! Lavender Cotton has a small undertone of powder to layer in the freshness. If you love Pima Cotton or Fuzzy Blanket, you will adore Lavender Cotton.

Bars = 4      Stars = 2

Red Cedar and Sage

This scent is a little fairy, a woodland enchantress.  It is the perfect balance of deep cedar wood and aloe-fresh green.  If you love Patchouli, then you will really enjoy the earthy flavor of Red Cedar and Sage.

Bars = 2      Stars = 3

Scentsy Red Cedar Sage Wax Melt

Scentsy Fall Scents Review 2018 - Watch Part 2

Lavender Cotton Scentsy Scent Circle

Autumn Hearth

Sweet and tangy apple cider with Tonka Bean to give a slight vanilla/caramel softness and the Cinnamon spice is just right.  This is the perfect scent of fall.  If you like Cider Mill, then you will love Autumn Hearth

Bars = 4.5      Stars = 9

Cozy Cardigan

Soft cuddles like a sweater. Pipe smoke and suede jackets with a hint of feminine rose.  If you like French Kiss, then you will love Cozy Cardigan.

Bars = 2      Stars = 5

Cozy Cardigan Room Spray
Palo Santo Scentsy Scent Circle

Palo Santo

This scent reminds me of sailboats and teakwood.  A mature masculine scent.  No teen boy cologne here. Just earthy silver fox and tuxedos.  If you like Patchouli, you would like Palo Santo.

Bars = 4      Stars = 3

Snowplace Like Home

Cold and ozonic.  Like the scent of a lightening storm mixed with a crisp winter snow storm.  Very clean yet minty.  Perfect for the long winter that comes after the holidays.  If you like Ice Hotel, you will love Snowplace Like Home.

Bars = 2      Stars = 5

Snowplace Like Home Scentsy Bar

Scentsy Fall Scents Review 2018 - Watch Part 3

Blueberry Pancakes Scentsy Bar

Blueberry Pancakes

Sweet blueberries with a hint of grape sharpness are mellowed by the richness of melting butter and the tang of Maple.  If you love Blueberry Rush, then you will love Blueberry Pancakes too.

Bars = 4      Stars = 8

Farmhouse Fir

Cedar trees with orange slices warming in wassail.  The perfect tree scent.  Not an overpowering pine or masculine.  Like a Christmas tree farm in the open, fresh air.

Bars = 4      Stars = 8

Farmhouse Fir Room Spray
Perfect Peppermint Scentsy Scent Circle

Perfect Peppermint

Crystal clear peppermint with a dash of sugar added for softness.  This smells just like the melt-in-your-mouth peppermint ball candies.  Divine.

Bars = 4      Stars = 8

Winterberry Apple Tea

Just like the name.  A warm cup of comforting tea that is infused with the perfect amount of cranberries, honey, and crisp apple.  A cozy, winter fruit scent.

Bars = 3      Stars = 9

Winterberry Apple Tea Scentsy Bar

Scentsy Fall Scents Review 2018 - Watch Part 4

Breakfast Blend Scentsy Bar

Perfect Peppermint

Strong, like just brewed coffee.  You can smell the bitter chocolate of the coffee bean.  If you liked Cafe Cubano, then you will love Breakfast Blend.

Bars = 5      Stars = 2

Grandma's Orchard

A precious, pure apple and pear scent with a hint of earthy spice.  Wonderful fall scents to bring crispness into you space.

Bars = 3      Stars = 7

Grandma's Orchard Scentsy Scent Circle
Porch Pumpkin Room Spray

Porch Pumpkin

Fresh pumpkin puree with the ozonic linger of cold, crisp air. A small bitterness brought on by the scent of acorns make this the perfect pumpkin scent for you.  No added sweetness or spice, just pure earthy, fresh pumpkin.  If you like pumpkin roll, you will like Porch Pumpkin.

Bars = 2      Stars = 7

Grandma's Orchard

Whimsical and fruity.  Pineapple, apple, and raspberry dance around this enchanting scent.  Very bright and energetic.  If you love Pineapple Sorbet and Rockin Ruby Razz, then you will love Berry Fairytale too.

Bars = 4      Stars = 5

Berry FairyTale Scentsy Bar

There You Have It – All the New Fall 2018 Scentsy Scents

I hope you have enjoyed my personal opinions and rating system for all of the New Fall 2018 Scentsy Scents.  If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer.  You simply must get you these incredible scents so your spaces can smell perfectly Hygge (that means cozy) this fall. Happy sniffing!

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