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What's a Diffuser? A Scentsy Diffuser Review

You’ve heard all about diffusers and oils right?  I mean, you’re not living under a rock.  But maybe you’re wondering what all the fuss is about.  Let me give you a Scentsy diffuser review.  

First, a diffuser is a completely different fragrance experience than warmers and wax.  A diffuser produces a lighter intensity, yet immediate scent throw.  No more waiting for you wax to warm completely.  You have company coming over and need scent now?  Drop in some tap water from your sink (other brand diffusers require distilled water) and a few drops of oil.  You are experiencing your favorite fragrance with no waiting.

How To Use Your Diffuser:

Each Scentsy diffuser comes with a decorative shade.  You can choose from 10 different styles.

  1.  Remove the shade and the top cone from the inner portion of the diffuser
  2.  Fill the water tank with regular old tap water (this is genius!) to the maximum fill line marked on the side
  3.  Drop in 1 to however many drops of your favorite oil in the water tank.
  4.  Replace the plastic cone and decorative shade
  5. Turn on the mist setting to your desired intensity (High, Low, or Intermittent)
  6. Turn on the light if you choose (the two functions are independent)
  7. Enjoy immediate scent throw and relax

Let's talk lighting.

One of my favorite features of the Scentsy Diffusers is the vibrant lighting.  Most other brand diffusers have 5-7 different color lights that are in a constant rotation.  You have no control over the color display.  But Scentsy Diffusers have sixteen, (16!) different LED lighting colors.  You can set the diffuser to rotate through them all on a continuous loop or you can set it to stay on one particular color.  If you just want the lighting and no mist diffusing, you can do that too as the two functions are independent of each other.  You are in total control.

Let's talk moolah.

Scentsy produces quality diffusers.  We are so sure that our diffusers are superior that we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  If you diffuser ever breaks due to mechanical defect, the Scentsy will replace it for a small shipping only fee.  Most other brands only offer a 30 or 60 day warranty. Scentsy has 7 different premium diffuser options available for $140 and one option (Stargaze) available for $150.  The difference in the price of the Stargaze is simply due to craftsmanship costs.  That outer shade takes many hours of manpower to produce.  There is no difference in the mechanism of the diffuser base. A new, lower-priced Deluxe Diffuser is also available.  Check it out HERE.

Wanna know what I think?

I LOVE MY DIFFUSERS!  We have multiple Scentsy diffusers in our home.  They are perfect for producing a relaxing scent in our bedrooms and for freshening up my kitchen and living areas.  During the holidays, I can produce an immediate scent for all of our family and guests with the yearly holiday oils produced.  I love that I don’t have to buy distilled water from the store and that I can leave my diffusers on when I leave my home.  I always walk back in my door to pure, natural, fresh scent.  Check out the video for a demonstration of this incredible Scentsy diffuser and please pardon my Harry Potter mug spill.  Oops.

Update: February 2020 - Essential Oil Scentsy Deluxe Diffuser

 A new, lower- priced, sturdy diffuser option is available!  The best essential oil diffuser 2020.  How long do diffusers last?  Click HERE to learn just how long and more!

More About Diffusers

If you’re looking to get even more advanced with your Scentsy Diffusers including; recommended water temperature, the current products you can buy and more – click the Browse Catalog button below and browse more at your leisure.  Or if you want your questions answered personally, click the Ask A Question button. Please reach out and let me know if you enjoyed this Scentsy diffuser review.

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