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scentsy crystal bundle collection

The Scentsy Crystal Bars Collection is a limited-edition assortment of new fragrance bars. These bars have been inspired by unique crystals thought to hold healing and calming properties. Crystals, for a long time, have been found everywhere; home decor, perfume, and of course nature. The new crystal bar collection has been made to replicate the colors of each individual crystal and gem that they represent.

new amethyst fragrance

Amethyst Wax Bar

One of the great things about the Amethyst crystal is that it is thought to quell negative thoughts, calm the inner-mind and protect the spirit.

Citrine Fragrance

The crystal Citrine is believed to bring fourth positivity, self-confidence and a wide range of clarity.

citrine fragrance crystal bar
green calcite crystal bar

Green Calcite Fragrance

The green calcite Scentsy bar is believed to encourage emotional stability, self-insight and other positive emotions.

Lapis Lazuli Fragrance

A blend of honesty, truth and properties to heal are thought to be embedded within this crystal.  Lapis Lazuli the fragrance expresses this from sea salt air, California lemon and a beach lily blend.

Lapis Lazuli
rose quartz wax bar

Rose Quartz Fragrance

Rose Quartz crystal bar is believed to encourage love, inner tranquility and calmness. Amplified with fragrances of coconut cream, Moroccan rose and sandalwood uniqueness.

Rose Quartz Fragrance


1. Crystal Wax Collection, $24 USD/$32 CAD

Includes all five fragrances. Comes in an organza gift bag with a decorative hang tag while supplies last.

gift bag limited supplies

2. Crystal Wax Collection Bundle, $24 USD/$32 CAD.


Mix and match any of the five fragrances. Gift bag not included.

mix and match crystal bundle

3. Individual Crystal Wax Collection Bars, $6 USD/$8 CAD each.

The Scentsy Crystal Bars Bundle and wax bars are only available while supplies last. To browse and order the latest bars and specials find more here:

scentsy crystal bundle collection

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