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Scentsy Cowboy Hat Country Born Bundle 2023

Saddle up cowboy
Scentsy Cowboy Hat Country Born Bundle 2023
Saddle Up Cowboy Hat Burner Horse

Scentsy Cowboy Hat Burner!

Sorry friend! Unfortunately, this warmer is currently in the Scentsy vault for now. But don’t worry! I’m an attentive Scentsy consultant who keeps track of these things. If you want updates on its return, click here, and I’ll handle the rest for you.



We gave you this incredible warmer a few years ago and we heard your outcry! So, Saddle Up! The Scentsy Cowboy Hat Country Born Bundle 2023 is BACK!

Nothing screams country like a cowboy hat on a real cowboy. Ya’ll know what I’m talking about; them tight jeans, rugged charm that sets a woman’s heart on fire with the tip of their hat and a “howdy ma’am!” But let me tell ya, this ain’t no ordinary cowboy hat. It’s a symbol of everything that makes us country folk proud. 

Hence, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. This Scentsy Cowboy Hat Country Born Bundle 2023 is crafted with the utmost attention to detail. It’s rustic design captures the essence of a “dusty, broken in” cowboy hat – worn by a fella or a lady – that’s seen sunsets over endless plains. And felt the wind whisperin’ through the pines. It’s a tribute to our roots, to the land we hold dear. 

Therefore, don’t go getting your boots all in a tizzy. This Scentsy Cowboy Hat Wax Burner fills your space with the most delightful scents. It’s built-in wax dish holds and gently warms Scentsy wax, releasing fragrances that transport you right to the heartland. Whether it’s the scent of Weathered Leather or the sweet aroma of Saddle Up, these Authentic Scentsy Wax Melts will have you feeling like you’ve saddled up and riding off into the sunset with Rip!

Saddle Up Cowboy

Now, I know you’re thinking this has Yellowstone fans written all over it, I’d agree. But any man or cowgirl who would appreciate tradition and simple pleasures of life would love the Scentsy Cowboy Hat Burner. 

So, whether you’re a true cowboy at heart or simply crave a taste of the wild wild west, this Scentsy Cowboy Hat Country Born Bundle 2023 is callin’ your name. It’s time to bring a little piece of the west into your home and let the scents of Saddle Up and Weathered Leather ride on, cowboys and cowgirls! 

The Scentsy Cowboy Hat Burner is available on June 19, 2023 at 1:00pm eastern time.


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