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The Scentsy Club

Welcome to the most exciting VIP subscription program to hit the fragrance world begins – Introducing, The Scentsy Club.

This is fragrance on your schedule. Never run out of your favorite Scentsy smells. And, no more worries about never seeing discontinued Scentsy scent bars again. Have everything delivered right to your door and it is on your time.

Read below to learn all about the Scentsy Club and see how it will benefit you…

What is Scentsy Club?

Scentsy Club is a brand new, worldwide, VIP monthly subscription program for everything fragrance. The Scentsy Club replaces Scentsy VIP and Customer Loyalty, but don’t fret, this is even more VIP and it takes loyalty to the next level. We essentially combined the two programs because we want to provide more benefits and perks for Consultants and customers alike. Innovation is key so we did just that. 

Why did we create the Scentsy Club?

Due to customers and Consultants requesting an all-in-one, seamless program to purchase Scentsy consumables, we decided to create the ultimate program, the Scentsy Club. The Scentsy program has been simplified by combining the two and we decided to offer even more benefits (which we will get into below) so we can meet all the needs of our customers and Consultants. We are super excited for you to join the club and enjoy the numerous Scentsy monthly specials. 

How Scentsy Club works

1. Join the club. Click HERE!

2. Pick your products (and order as many as you like!).

3. Choose how often you want them shipped to you. Shipping that fits your schedule!

4. Take advantage of the unwavering perks. There are so many benefits that come with being a member of the Scentsy Club.

Registration starts September 5, 2018 for the first delivery in October. 

What does this mean for Scentsy VIP members and the Customer Loyalty program?

Established members of Scentsy VIP and Customer Loyalty subscriptions will automatically roll over to the Scentsy Club. So, do not worry if you are in one of these programs, we have you covered. Moreover, if you have any questions about the roll over you can contact us at

What are the benefits of the Scentsy Club?

Here are the amazing perks that come with being a member of the Scentsy Club:

More fragrance options than you thought possible: 

All of the consumable products in which many customers and Consultants run through quickly are available through the Scentsy Club. For instance, Scentsy bars, Scentsy Oils, Scentsy Circles, and everything else that you restock on a regular basis, even replacement light bulbs!

Scentsy Club Perks

Free shipping:

First, if you order more than $60 worth of product, you get FREE shipping. Furthermore, if you order more than $30 and you’ll only pay $5 for shipping. This is truly unbeatable.
*Shipping outside of the contiguous States has a flat rate of $10 for Scentsy Club members.

Get fragrances on your schedule:

Now offering three customized delivery option to fit your needs. You can receive your Scentsy goodies once a month, once every two months or every three months. It’s up to you!

Always Get Your Bar (problem solved for discontinued Scentsy scents):

You are going to LOVE this one. If we stop producing a scent bar that is in your subscription, when you are a Scentsy Club member, we will continue producing that bar especially for you if you always keep it in your subscription requests. So, no more worries about losing your favorite scents again or having to overstock your house with a scent that’s soon to be discontinued. Keep enjoying old Scentsy scents at your convenience. 

And, there is more. We will add a Scentsy Brick to orders over $30 for a low, low price of $24. 

There are tons of benefits that are exclusive to Scentsy Club members…

Programs and Limited Time Offers (LTOs)

Take advantage of the following programs and LTOs as Scentsy Club member:

Scentsy Whiff Box:

Get a new fragrance each month by subscribing to the Scent of the Month program.

*However, you must add any Scent of the Month fragrance to your Always Get My Bar perk while it’s still available to the general public. 

Wax Collections:

As a Scentsy Club member you can subscribe to receive individual Scentsy Bars from special Wax Collections. However, this must be done within 30 days of the collection’s release date or anytime during of the limited time offer.
* The individual Scentsy Bars also qualify for the Always Get My Bar perk.

Bring Back My Bar (BBMB) WINNERS:

BBMB winners qualify for Always Get My Bar as long as you add them to your subscription during its period of active selling.

Summer Scentsy Bars:

Scentsy Bars from the summer catalog will also qualify for Always Get My Bar if you add them to your subscription during its period of active selling. 

Scentsy Bricks:

During the launch of new fragrances in Scentsy Bricks, Scentsy Club members are able to subscribe to the new fragrances and receive them in Scentsy Bar form, if done within 30 days of the collection’s release date or anytime during of the limited time offer.
* This offer qualifies for the Always Get My Bar perk.

So, start creating and building your subscriptions as a Scentsy Club member – Join the Club! It’s super easy. Just add your products and choose how frequently you would like them to be shipped. 

What is the full list of products and limited-time offerings in the Scentsy Club program?

The following products will be available for the Scentsy Club program:

Scents:  Scentsy Bars, Scent Circles, Scent Paks, Fragrance Oils, Scentsy Car Bars, Travel Tins, and Room Sprays.

Body:  Hand Soap, Body Cream, Body Soufflé, Body Wash, Hand Cream, Lotion, Fragrance Roller, and Bath Bombs.

Laundry:  Washer Whiffs, Laundry Liquid, Dryer Disks, and Scent Soft.

Cleaning:  Scentsy Fresh, Kitchen Soap, Bathroom Cleaner, and Counter Cleaner.

Accessories:  Lightbulbs.

Scentsy Club FAQ (RULES APPLY):

Always Get My Bar 

We are going to go into further detail about this amazing perk because we are receiving a lot of questions.

As many of you probably know, through the year, there are discontinued Scentsy scents bars. This is because we need to make way for new Scentsy scents. Consequently, many people are disappointed when their favorite fragrances are discontinued. 

Scentsy Club Rules

This problem has been solved thanks to the Always Get My Bar perk that comes with joining the Scentsy Club. If we discontinue a Scentsy Bar that’s in your subscription, we will STILL keep making it just for you! All you have to do is keep it in your subscription. This means you can add any bars from the Spring/Summer 2018 scent list and any scents from the July Bring My Bar (BBMB) list to your subscription and we won’t stop making it for as long as you keep it in there. 

Without a doubt, this is one of our favorite perks and it is only available for our Scentsy Club Members.

Always Get My Bar rules to take note of:

– You must have the bar in your subscription before it gets discontinued.

– The total quantity and delivery frequency of a discontinued bar can only be decreased, not increased, for your subscription. So we recommend starting with a 6 pack of a scent, not just 1 bar.

– Shipment of a discontinued bar scent can only be skipped twice per calendar year. If you skip it more than twice per year then the bar is automatically and forever removed from the Always Get My Bar subscription. 

– Always Get My Bar is meant for personal use ONLY. Therefore, only Scentsy Club members can use this perk and you cannot resell via parties, fairs or shows. 

So, make sure you add your favorite Spring/Summer 2018 and Bring My Bar Back Scentsy bars (soon to be retired Scentsy scents) to your subscription before September 22nd (starting September 5th). 

What happens to existing Customer Loyalty and VIP orders?

Any existing subscriptions will subsequently roll over into the Scentsy Club program for Scentsy Club shipments beginning on October 2018. Additionally, the new Scentsy Club program will provide existing Loyalty and VIP members with even more benefits.

If I remove a Scentsy Bar from my Subscription, can I add it back?

Yes. As long as the fragrance is current and still available to the general public, it can be removed and added back as you’d like. However, if the bar is discontinued you will need to take advantage of the Always Get My Bar perk to continue receiving that Scentsy Bar. Remember, once it is discontinued, if you remove the bar from your Scentsy Club subscription, then you will not be able to add it back at a later date.

Can I order a Scentsy Club subscription for a party order
Unfortunately, no, we do not allow this at the current time. 

Do Scentsy Club orders count towards Host Rewards?
No, they do not count towards Host Rewards. 

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