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We’re upping your cleaning game! These products will tackle the toughest cleaning jobs leaving only fresh Scentsy® fragrance behind.

Brand new products that offer a natural cleaning base.  Citric Acid-based Bathroom Cleaner, Ammonia-Free Counter Clean, Sulfate and Phosphate Free Dish Soap.  Plus Odor Eliminating Scentsy® Fresh.

Raise your hand if you hate cleaning.  I am very confident that your hand is in the air.  The harsh odors and the tiring scrubbing is not high on the list of enjoyment for most people.  All Scentsy® Clean products are phosphate free, dye free, ammonia free, chlorine free, and bleach free.  Safe for you and your family while still giving you a spotless home.

But what if we could make your cleaning routine faster, easier, and make it smell terrific all at the same time?  Keep reading to find out how Scentsy® Cleaning products just make life better.

Scentsy® Clean Products

All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

NEW! This bottle of cleaning concentrate pack a powerful punch against dirt and grime on so many places and surfaces in your home space.  Easy to mix – 3 parts water to 1 part Scentsy® – you can spray it and wipe or put it in your mop bucket.

I have used this to get those stubborn dirty fingerprints off of stairwell walls.  I’ve used this incredible product to mop my floor. To walk into a room that smells fresh with Lemon Verbena floors is heavenly.  We have even used it to clean the kid’s sneakers. They come out shining like-new and bright white again.

The All-Purpose Cleaner comes in a 24 oz. bottle and when mixed per directions will give you long lasting cleaning power.  This amazing cleaning liquid will form a dirt-repellent barrier over time. That means repeat cleanings are fast and easy.

My favorite scent pick: Sea Salt & Avocado

Bathroom Cleaner

Scentsy® Bathroom Cleaner is a powerful, yet gentle, citric acid-based spray.  This product was created to take away that soap scum and grime in your sinks and tubs.  Just a few sprays of this thick self-foaming cleaner will get the job done.

My favorite scent pick: Aloe Water & Cucumber

Counter Clean

Do you have sealed countertops and stainless sinks and appliances?

If so, then I have the jaw-dropping cleaner for you!  Scentsy® Counter Clean does more than just counters.

This 16oz bottle packs a serious shine on your sealed counters.  My black granite has never shined so brightly. And those stainless steel appliances that collect every fingerprint and oil marks?  They are no match for the Scentsy® Counter Clean. Just spray and wipe. You are removing stubborn stains and creating a dirt-repelling barrier each time.  Quick and easy clean up at your fingertips.

My favorite scent pick:  White Tea & Cactus

Dish Soap

NEW!  Another concentrated Scentsy® product that is a much a money saver as it is a beast on those dried on food particles.  This is a high performance dishwashing liquid. Just a little will do a lot. Scentsy® Dish Soap creates plenty of those suds that we love and attacks baked on food while staying gentle on your hands.  All while delivering that famous Scentsy® fragrance. My favorite scent pick: Sunkissed Citrus

Scentsy® Fresh Fabric Spray

We all have those hard-to-wash items in our homes.  Our couches, drapes, dog bedding, etc. Even when you can’t toss it in the washing machine, you can still freshen things up with Scentsy® Fresh Fabric Spray.

This product is designed for a fast burst of freshness whenever you need it.  A long lasting burst of Scentsy® fragrance can change your whole mood. Need a little refresher of you outfit during the day?  Scentsy® Fresh! Need to freshen the couches just before company comes over? Scentsy® Fresh! That dog bed that is stinking over in the corner of the living room?  Scentsy® Fresh!

My favorite scent picks: Luna, Scentsy® Clean (dog bed), and Black Raspberry Vanilla

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