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Scentsy Chasing Rainbows Wax

Scentsy Chase Rainbows Wax

Scentsy Chase Rainbows Collection

There’s more to discover than a pot of gold! The Scentsy Chasing  Rainbows Wax Collection features five new Scentsy Bars — each capturing a distinct color of the rainbow. You can experience the full spectrum of fragrances for yourself. 

  • Blue: Sweet notes of melon shimmer against a crisp blue sky while hints of musk add depth and dimension.
  • Green: Vibrant rays of Granny Smith apples and cactus blossomsparkle across serene kiwi water.
  • Orange: Bright tangerine and orange slices shine between clouds of creamy vanilla.
  • Red: Soft watermelon hues highlight the sweetness of cherry and strawberry.
  • Yellow: Radiant lemonade brightened by flashes of zesty grapefruit and pineapple.

All of the 5 new fragrances can be purchased in a bundle deal for just $25. Or you can pick and choose your favorites for only $6 per wax melt bar. The Scentsy Chasing Rainbows Wax Collection will be available on April 11, 2022, while supplies last.

Are you like me and always think ROY G BIV when you think of the color spectrum? If so, you might be saying where’s Violet? Well, violet or purple is the brand color of Scentsy. Purple is a very special color in our world. We didn’t include it in the Chase Rainbow collection because the word in Scentsy-land is there are big things coming in the future with the color purple! So sit tight and find out soon.

Red - Chase Rainbows Scentsy Wax Melt Bar
Scentsy Chasing Rainbows Wax Orange
Scentsy Chasing Rainbows Wax Lemon
Scentsy Chase Rainbows Bundle Deal
Scentsy Chase Rainbows Wax

Scentsy Club – Always Get My Bar Option

Beginning April 11, The Chase Rainbows Wax Collection fragrances can be added to Scentsy Club subscriptions as individual bars through the Always Get My Bar perk. Bars can be added to subscriptions within 30 days of launch, or as long as fragrances are available, whichever lasts longer.

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