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You've joined Scentsy. Now what?

When you join my TEAM as a Scentsy Consultant you will receive all the professional marketing material you need to get going in your Starter Kit.

You will receive catalogs, showcase brochures, host & join brochures, Scentsy Go brochures, and order forms. Everything, that is, except business cards.  And there’s a good reason for that.  Keep reading to find out more.

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Business Cards - Why You Need Them & How You Get Them

You will need personal business cards to promote yourself as a consultant.  It is a very inexpensive way to market YOU.  Attach them to free samples and give them to new prospective customers and legitimize yourself as a serious business person.

The reason you won’t receive business cards in you Starter Kit as a new consultant is because they need to be personalized to your information.  All of the professional marketing materials you will receive upon joining my TEAM are generic Scentsy with a blank space to add in your information.

So, where do you get your personal business cards?  You have many choices and just a few rules to follow.  Keep reading and I will walk you through the process.

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Exclusive Vista Print Access

When you join my TEAM, you will have access to an exclusive partnership between Scentsy and Vista Print. Here you will have several different options of card templates to choose from.  You simply add in your personal information.  *This is the ONLY way you can use Vista Print services to produce Scentsy materials without specific permission obtained from Scentsy.

Intellectual Property and staying in compliance

Scentsy Intellectual Property (IP) is defined as all logos and product images created and owned by Scentsy.  You must always designate yourself as an Independent Scentsy Consultant.  In order to use a third-party printing service you must obtain permission BEFORE using the service.

You can click HERE to read all of the official answers to these questions and more:

May I design my own advertising — like fliers, business cards and brochures?

May I hire a third party to print my advertising materials?

May I use corporate logos in my advertising?

What is a third party approved vendor?

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Print Your Own At Home

Another option you have is to print your own materials at home.  For business cards you can purchase the blank card stock from a vendor like Avery.  You then have the option to print a template from your Scentsy Workstation or design your own and print.  Make sure you are using the proper Independent Scentsy Consultant logo if you are going to use a logo.  If not, designate yourself as “Your Name, Independent Scentsy Consultant.”

This is just ONE of the eligible logos you may use in your marketing material production.  More can be found in the Business Resources tab of your Scentsy Workstation.

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As you can see, there are many options to produce your personalized business cards and other marketing materials.  There are options to fit all budgets.  From inexpensive to elaborate – you have choices.

If all of the above information seems confusing, that’s ok. This is why I am here.  As your sponsor, it is my job to guide you through all of this information.  It’s a perk of joining my TEAM as a Scentsy Consultant. You will have me in your back pocket to answer all of your questions and guide you to success.

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