We are launching the first ever Scentsy Bring Back My Buddy in 2020!  For many years we have brought back sold out wax melt bars and now it’s time to have a second chance at your favorite buddies too. Keep reading to learn all the details about the Scentsy Bring Back My Buddy in 2020 program.

Almost 10 years ago Scentsy created the first Scentsy Buddy!  What’s a Buddy, you ask?  A Scentsy Buddy is a charming, lovable, snuggly stuffed animal that comes with a Scent Pak to keep it smelling precious for your little one…or for you (shh, we won’t tell).  Since 2010 Scentsy has created more than 100 precious and precocious Scentsy Buddies.  The first Scentsy Buddy was actually a team of 6: Ollie the Elephant, Lenny the Lamb, Penny the Pig, Mollie the Monkey, Ribbert the Frog, & Roarbert the Lion

Did you miss out on one or two Scentsy Buddies?  Or maybe you have a favorite that just isn’t all that…fresh anymore?  Maybe you need a backup for your well-loved child’s favorite lovey.  You have been asking for years and we listened.  The Scentsy Bring Back My Buddy in 2020 program is giving these retired buddies the chance to come back to life and love.