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Scentsy Bricks 2019

Scentsy Bricks for Christmas 2019 Are Back!

Yay!  It’s the Holiday Season and that means a lot of things. And one of my favorites things are the Scentsy Bricks for Christmas 2019!  You can have the joy of fragrance in your cozy home too.  

What do you favor?  The scent of a fresh-cut Christmas tree?  Or maybe you love the minty cool scent of peppermint.  A little bit of cinnamon softened with the fragrance of sugared plums?

With five scents to choose from there is something for everyone – whether you like the outdoorsy winter scents or the indoor baking yumminess, it’s all available.

Scentsy Bricks 2019

Scentsy Holiday Bricks are now available in five festive fragrances: 

Visions of sparkling sugar crystals, mighty peppermint and icy musk. 

Buttery notes of creamy caramel and vanilla bean dusted with a touch of sugar.

A jolly holiday brew of spiced citrus peels, evergreen berries, sugarplums and cinnamon sticks.

Decadent buttercream frosting made with the freshest butter whipped with cane sugar and vanilla extract. 

Very Snowy Spruce

Balsam, spruce and cedar branches embrace the warmth of amber and woodsy pine cones.

Scentsy Bricks Christmas 2019 are hand-poured in Idaho. Have your home scented with the charming fragrances of cookies baking or crisp pine and more. Scentsy Bricks are available for a limited time only.  So please don’t wait.  Grab your Scentsy Holiday Bricks now and start your festive season off right! 

Have YOU ever thought about starting with Scentsy?  Want more information with no obligation?  Get your questions answered.  Just click HERE.

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