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Pop a wax cube or two in your Scentsy Warmer dish and fill your space with long-lasting fragrance — no flame, smoke or soot. Browse & buy wax bars and learn more about home fragrance systems below.

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Scentsy Wax Bars vs. Candles

If you’ve never tried a Scentsy wax bar in your home fragrance warmer, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Due to the fact that the wax bars are warmed slowly rather than being burned (as a candle would be), the bar lasts for longer. This is based on the science behind the Scentsy bar, the scents are packed in for maximum fragrance quality.

It’s pet safe, child safe and there are no harmful VOC’s released from warming the wax bars. Find a more detailed explanation here

Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Wax Bar
Perfectly Pomegranate Scentsy Bar

How Long Do Scentsy Bars Last?

The first thing to understand is that wax cubes (bars) don’t actually disappear into the air. Unlike a candle that evaporates (and has smoke), a wax bar never actually goes away, it only loses its scent over time.

Typically the scent will last about 30 days BUT there are a few other variables you should consider, these will depend on how much wax you place into your warmer and different combinations.

For a lengthier description on this, check it out here!


More Wax Information (safety)

It’s not going to taste great, but it won’t harm you, your pets or anyone else if ingested. Disclaimer: easy to remove Even though it uses a safe food grade paraffin, it does not taste good!

When the wax is warmed, it never gets above body temperature so even if you start melting the wax in your warmer and decide to stick a finger or paw into it, not to worry – you will be safe! The Scentsy wax cubes and Warmers are made to be used together in a safe environment and are.

Beach Bungalow Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy Wax Bar FAQs & Further Info

How To Make Scentsy Bars Last Longer?

If you are consistently using the same scents, switch them out and rotate your scents periodically. This will help combat the natural anosmia that occurs when we are exposed to the same scent for an extended period of time.

Note: You may not be smelling it anymore if you are using the same scent, however, your friends and family who come to visit your home will surely be smelling what you are not due to natural anosmia.

You can scrape out the wax as soon as you aren’t smelling it anymore. However, it will only make sense to save it if you think it still has fragrance left. You can follow the standard time for how long Scentsy fragrance last.

Compliance with Leading Safety Authorities:

All of these authorities below restrict the use of ingredients that are dangerous for the environment and the consumer. The Scentsy brand is compliant with all of these authorities.

Scentsy products do not contain any nut or mineral oils. The products are formaldehyde-free, gluten free, BPA-free, egg-free and lead-free.

How To Store Scentsy Wax

When storing wax melts, never leave your bars in a vertical position.

There is a hang tag at the top of a bar, but it is for temporary display only. Always store your bars in a flat, horizontal position. This will ensure a maximum quality scent experience every time.

Why not store them vertically? Because of gravity.  The wax in a bar is just the carrier mechanism.  The fragrant oil is interlaced in the wax, but over time the oil can settle to the bottom of the bar.  Making the top cubes of your bar practically scent free while concentrating the scented oil in the bottom cubes.

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