Scentsy Bars

Scentsy Bars

Experience the Scentsy Bar difference.  

Make is personal. Your Scentsy fragrance experience is yours and yours alone. Choose from over 80 fragrances that are Designed by award-winning perfumers using only Premium ingredients for a fragrance that really lasts.

Customize your Scent Intensity by adding multiple wax cubes in your Scentsy Warmer.  Have fun creating your own Unique favorites by combining Scentsy Bars for a truly YOU fragrance.

Scentsy Wax melts, (which we call Scentsy Bars) are gently warmed by the heat from a low-watt lightbulb or sometimes a low-heat element warming plate.   Choose your favorite Scentsy Wax Bars & Scentsy Warmer combination to fill your life with fragrance.


Oogie Boogie Scentsy Buddy - Nightmare Before Christmas

Oogie Boogie Scentsy Buddy

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