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Scentsy 2023 Christmas Vintage Favorite Warmers

Vintage Scentsy Christmas favorite warmers are escaping the Scentsy vault just in time for the 2023 Christmas Holiday season. These blasts from the past wax warmers aren’t going to be here long – limited-time edition. Walk down memory lane and rediscover these vintage warmers: 

Scentsy 2023 christmas favorite vintage wax warmers warmer
  • Cardinal Scentsy Warmer, $50
  • Happy Holidays Scentsy Mug Mini Warmer, $25
  • Heavenly Angel Scentsy Warmer, $50
  • Jolly Santa Scentsy Warmer, $50
  • Scentsy Retro Red Truck Warmer with Tree Lights Top, $25


The Scentsy 2023 Christmas vintage favorites warmers leave the vault on October 16 at 1pm EST – the queueing system will start at 12:56pm EST. They is a limited supply. You wanna be first in line and I’m happy to be your alarm clock – sign up for your text alert when these blasts from the past burners are live.

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