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Scentsy 2021 Bring Back My Buddy

After a close race with more than 810,000 votes in February, the Scentsy 2021 Bring Back My Buddy Winners are finally here! 


Available for purchase Nov. 22* while supplies last.

Oakley The Barn Owl Scentsy Buddy

Who has big, fluffy wings and deep black eyes? Who, whoooo? Oakley the Owl is returning for a limited time in November 2021!

Our Oakley has downy soft feathers covering his wings and tummy and the famous Scentsy soft cordoroy wrapped around his legs. And with his little, zippered pocket to hold the Free Scent Pak (in your choice of fragrance) he is the perfect snuggly companion!

The Oakley The Owl Scentsy Buddy is 12 inches tall from head to toe and 8 inches tall when in a seated position. 

Face View
Pouch with Scent Pak
Full Length View

Tex The Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Scentsy Buddy

Tex the T-Rex Scentsy Buddy, is ready to charge at you for a hug! (Pssst … he’s a little self-conscious of his short arms, so maybe hug him first!) And while Tex the T-Rex Scentsy Buddy may look intimidating with his craggy teeth, he’s all roar and soft overbite.

Meet Tex The T-Rex Scentsy Buddy

Favorite hangout: The local steakhouse
Favorite activities: Pull-ups
Favorite book: How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?
Favorite movie: The Land Before Time
Favorite song: The Dinosaurs Song
Favorite sports team: Toronto Raptors
Food I crave: Raw meats, cooked meats and meats on a stick
Fun fact: Between the of ages 14 and 18, I gain about 5 pounds a day. I just get so hungry!
Ambition: To figure out how to floss with these short arms.

Face View
Back with Scent Pak
Frontal View

Hamish the Highland Cow

You can’t help but love the Highland Cow, with its fluffy coat and oh-so-stylish shock of hair. And don’t let those horns fool you — these adorable creatures are known for their sweet, friendly demeanor, and thrive on attention

They’re the teddy bears of the bovine family, so get ready to love on Hamish the Highland Cow Scentsy BuddyWhile native to the Scottish Highlands, these well-coifed cows can be found around the world, and Hamish can’t wait to come home with you.

*Due to continued shipping delays and port congestion, Hamish the Highland Cow will not be available to launch on Nov. 22.

Facial View
Back with Scent Pak

Don’t forget to order a delicious Scent Pak to keep your Scentsy Buddy smelling delightful!

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