The New 2020 Scentsy Fall & Winter Catalog Is Here

The New 2020 Scentsy Catalog for the Fall & Winter has arrived! Keep on reading below to get a taste of what just left the catalog and some of the best scents from the new brochure. Get in touch below with any questions!


Questions about the current or past catalog? Fill out the brief form below and I’d be glad to answer any questions or help find the right product for you! Alternatively, feel free to email me at:

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What's New In The 2020 Scentsy Fall & Winter Catalog:

As we all know Scentsy has discontinued some of the older products to make room for the new Scentsy Fall / Winter products and fragrances. Maybe you are missing one of your older scents. Check in the 2020 Spring Catalog – it might have been discontinued.  But no worries. I can help you find a new favorite or 12.

Some of the categories that have the largest changes are marked below. Feel free to browse the  currently featured scents. There’s over 80 of them!


Warmer of The Month

Current Wax Bars

New Fragrances

Fall/Winter Scent Line

Scentsy Fall 2020 Scents

Almond Croissant

A fresh-baked croissant is made even more heavenly with Cinnamon Sugar and an infusion of Almond.

Apple & Oats

Rich, buttery Oats, Camelized Apple and warm hints of Cinnamon beckon straight form a farmhouse kitchen.

Around The Campfire

Make some memories in the Mountain Air, as notes of Fresh-Fallen Wood and Smokey Embers help set the scene.

Autumn Road Trip

Take a tour through crisp Harvest Apple, just-picked Anjou Pear and a forest of towering Silver Oak.

Best In Snow

Frosted Evergreen, Cool Mint and breath of pure Icy Air pose together in a prize-winning winter snapshot.

Breakfast In Bed

Wake up to a warm Pumpkin Pastry filled with Black Raspberry and topped by a sweet Cinnamon Drizzle.

Cloudberry Dreams

Sweet Raspberry and a whisper of Rose soar through billowy bursts of Peach and Vanilla.

Dancing Sugar Plums

Rich Spiced Plum falls right in step with visions of Vanilla and sweet Cinnamon Apple.

Just Fir You

Wild Blackberry offers its one-of-a-kind sweetness to a forest of Fir Balsam and Pine Needles.

Sleigh All Day

Snow-Kissed Mint and Juniper keep their cool as they dash through the crisp Mountain Air.

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