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Warmer Replacement Lids

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Broken Scentsy Warmer Lid?

Scentsy carries extra dishes for every warmer that is made.  We know that oopsies will happen and we plan ahead for it.  The supply is limited and is first come; first served.  So if you have a much older warmer in need of a new dish I might have to do a little research and find the best fit possible.  But I can usually find something that will work.

scentsy replacement lid

Scentsy Dish and Lid

You do not ever need to replace your warmer dish unless it has become damaged.  Typically this damage comes in the form of being dropped and broken.  While the dishes are pretty sturdy they are still made of glass or ceramic.  Neither of those materials is able to withstand the destructive power of gravity…or kids who throw things they shouldn’t.

While a new warmer dish is not covered by the lifetime warranty against mechanical defect, they are inexpensive to replace.  Most replacement dishes are only $8.  Sometimes they are $12, but that means it is a replacement dish AND the decorative lid that originally came with your warmer because it was a three piece warmer.


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