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Collectible and oh-so-cuddly! Snuggle up with a soft Scentsy Buddy — a loveable friend full of fragrance! Every Scentsy Buddy features a zippered pouch to hold your favorite fragrance and comes with the Scent Pak of your choice!
Scentsy Buddies are ready for adventure, and they want to bring YOU along for the ride! Each one has its own personality, so there’s someBUDDY for everyBUDDY!
Species: Blue whale
Favorite hangout: Oceans big enough to hold me
Favorite activities: Impressing whale watchers, spouting off
Favorite book: A Whales Tale
Favorite movie: Finding Dory
Favorite song: Under the Sea
Food I crave: Krill (like shrimp, only yummier!)
Fun fact: I have a big heart – it weighs about 2,000 pounds!
Ambition: Using my big heart to share joy and love with kids



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