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Scentsy's Portable System - What Is It?

The portable “Go” fragrance diffuser is exactly what it sounds like. Take it anywhere you go and store it easily. It contains rechargeable batteries and is designed to run for up to 40 hours straight!

It also has an LED light show which you can use as a kid-friendly night light as well. The LED system has 7 different settings to match any kind of mood.

battery operated diffuser

Portable Diffuser - Specifications:

The dimensions are 5.5″ inches tall, think about the size of a standard can of soda. The portable fragrance diffuser comes with a charger as well but in case you do lose it, it will take any standard micro USB cord.

It also features an eco-mode, which provides longer lasting scents (up to 40 hours) with the LED lights off. The regular fragrance mode (with light show) lasts up to 18 hours before needing a recharge. That’s almost a full day of portable fragrance fun!

fragrance on the go

What Goes Inside - The Pods:

Instead of oil or wax bars, the Scentsy Go uses “Pods” (seen in the image to the left here), that are filled with fragrance beads. These do not cause any mess, are housed in their own container of sorts and you never have to worry about anything melting or spilling!

How Long Do Scentsy Pods Last?

The portable fragrance pods last approximately 120 hours. The major benefit of using more than one pod is a stronger fragrance. This will cause whatever space you are in (living room, office, kitchen) to fill with more of your favorite scent. One of the most popular Scentsy Pods is the Luna and Baked Apple pod.

Cordless Fragrance Diffuser - Other Features

Using the Scentsy Go with fragrance pods are easy! All you have to do is twist off the lid of the Scentsy Go, drop in a pod (or two) and voila, you’ve got fragrance anywhere. One other aspect to note about the Scentsy Go is the fact that the fan has two different modes. Normal and Eco mode were created to extend battery power. If you choose eco mode, the fan will run at a slightly slower speed (with the LED show off) and use less battery life.
scentsy go instructions

Scentsy To-Go:

As of early 2020 Scentsy has released a new line of portable options. The classic Scentsy GO system is still available to buy in the Scentsy store but another option is the Scentsy USB mini-fan diffuser (learn more here). This small fragrance fan plugs directly into the USB port of your laptop or other USB-compatible device and can travel just about anywhere!

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