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Hi there! It's nice to meet you.

I’m Barbara Semento and I appreciate you taking the time to visit.

First and foremost, my heart belongs to my family. My husband, Michael, has been my partner in crime for 22 years, and he’s a Deputy Sheriff. He might not admit it, but deep down, this is where he’s meant to be. He’s the assertive and caring half of our relationship, and I’m the, well, let’s say, less nurturing one.

Then, there are our amazing kids. Colby, our 21-year-old son, shares my looks, and he’s finally embraced it. I’d say he loves his momma – and I don’t mind admitting it. As for Bre, she’s got her dad’s charm and my sass. She’s funny, random, and always ready with a sarcastic comment. It’s definitely a genetic thing!

Our fur babies, Tucker, our 4-year-old Labrador, and Ottis, our 1-year-old Lab Mix, are practically family members too. I’m convinced their personalities are just as human as ours – ask anyone, and they’ll agree.

Scentsy has given me a creative outlet I never knew I had. I’m able to have my own thing all while supporting my family. 

Read more about my journey below!

What started as a hobby has turned into full blown passion!

I’ve always been a candle lover. My routine has also been the same. Clean the house on Saturday and when you’re done “fire up the candles!” Until the one time Colby when he was 6 decided he wanted to use some of our left over chopsticks and play in my 8 wick candle on the coffee table. Michael banned candles from the house. “NO more candles, find something else” I was working night shift (former 911 dispatcher here) and a friend was having a Scentsy party and said “hey sniff this.” There is no flame, smoke, or soot. The wax is food grade. The kids and pets can’t be harmed in any way. It was perfect for us! 

Scentsy is the highest quality scented wax I’ve ever used and the most cost efficient. Win/win for the accountant husband!
I was buying so much product that I thought I might as well join so I could get some moolah back on all of my purchases.  Because, let’s face it, Scentsy is like opening a can of Pringles. You aren’t going to cram your hand in that small tube to eat just one. You are going to eat the whole tube!  I joined Scentsy on March 17,  and offered this experience to my friends in a no pressure environment. Those friends referred me to many others and I was able to earn the Scentsational Start Level 1 Award (Scentsy Fast-Start Awards).  What started as a hobby has turned into a full blown passion! 

This has been the best decision ever! I have been promoted to one of the top 3 ranks in the Scentsy Family thanks to all of my amazing clients.  I am blessed to lead my TEAM, The Pivot Squad to success as well.  I have tripled my earnings and had over 50 people join our team in just the last 6 months.  I get to spend my time serving my clients, helping my team members grow and succeed, and I finally have something that gives me the freedom and flexibility I crave.  I’m no longer tied too shift work or a boss saying “do this, do that.”  I have an identity too.  I’m Barbara, and I sell the stuff that makes your house smell good as Colby & Bre would say. 

I have formed so many new and strong friendships through Scentsy.  It’s not a job, it’s definitely a lifestyle. I have developed so much self-confidence by meeting goal after goal that I have set for myself and I LOVE passing my experience, training, and success on to my team. They are growing by leaps and bounds, too!

Scentsy has given me so much joy! A big part of it is accomplishing my goals and the money isn’t bad either. But, the best part is connecting with new friends and reconnecting with old friends…all because of being nosey one night at work, Scentsy. 

My Scentsy Accomplishments

Did you know you can earn free trips and other great rewards too while working with Scentsy? Below is a quick list of my accomplishments. What I love most about adding to this list is my husband and kids celebrate with me too. It’s a great feeling showing my kids that when you set goals and put in the work, great things happen.

Tucker is happy to smile for the camera any ole time.

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