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Scent Memory Triggers

Have you ever smelled something – anything – and thought back to a pleasant time in your past?  Maybe a scent that reminds you of staying at Grandma’s house and the feelings of safety and warmth come rushing back.  Or maybe a scent is downright unpleasant to you because of a negative experience.  That’s what the scent of oranges do for me. Oooh, shivers.  Long story; don’t ask.

Olfactory memory triggers

Smells Triggers Feelings and Memories

Why is it that smelling a scent can transport you back to a place and time where you felt a subconscious emotion?  Often much stronger than a sight or sound memory trigger.  It all has to do with our brains.

Interested in the science behind fragrance memory triggers? check it out here.

When you smell something, that scent has to first travel through the parts of you brain that process emotion and memory before arriving at the part of the brain that catalogs the type of odor.  It’s like the scent took the scenic route instead of the freeway to arrive at the destination.  That means you automatically connect scent to a memory – either good or bad.

scentsy for kids

Scent Memory Triggers

Personal story time.  My son has autism.  He has high anxiety levels when he leaves our home.  Our home is his safe place.  Of course, he can’t stay in the house all the time.  So we use his Scentsy Buddy to assist him. He has had his Lion Buddy with a Blueberry Cheesecake Scent Pak inside since he was a few days old.

My son has learned to associate that scent with his room.  He carries his Lion Buddy with him out into the wild whenever he needs a little scent memory of feeling safe at home.

My other children use Scentsy Peppermint oil for memory boosts.  Peppermint has long been known to promote alertness and memory.  They study for school with Peppermint oil diffusing and on test days they take handkerchief with a few drops of oil on it.  They set it on their desktops and rock out those grades!

We wash our sheets in French Lavender laundry soap and washer whiffs to help us feel relaxed at bedtime.  As lavender has a history of helping promote a feeling of relaxation.  We also diffuse Lavender Essential Oil in our bedrooms.

Create New Scent Memories With Scentsy

How can you take advantage of scent memory with Scentsy?  What scent gives you the warm and fuzzies?  Is is a a warm, bakery type scent like vanilla?  Chose you a warmer and wax bar in Vanilla Bean Buttercream or take a bath in in some Vanilla Bean Buttercream Scentsy Soaks.  Or if you like a vibrant, fruity flavor grab you the Laundry Love Bundle in Black Raspberry Vanilla and enjoy your mood boost all day as you walk around in clothing that has everyone asking what smells so good.  You choose the scent and you choose the method of dispersal.  Scentsy has all your needs covered.

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