New! Scentsy Harry Potter Collection

Scentsy Harry Potter Hogwarts Burner Wax

UPDATED 7/14/21

The Pre-Order Window for the New! Scentsy Harry Potter Collection has closed. But don’t lose that Gryffindor spirit!

Text the words HARRY POTTER to 864-402-4199 and I will let you know when YOU can get your hands on your Hogwarts merch in the near future. You will be the very first to know all the details so text me the words Harry Potter! 

Pre-Order the New! Scentsy Harry Potter Collection

The New! Scentsy Harry Potter Collection featuring the Hogwarts – Scentsy Warmer and Hogwarts Houses – Scentsy Wax Collection will be available to preorder July 7th-14th

We have already impressed the Star Wars Nation, Nightmare Before Christmas Fans, and the Marvel Universe too.  Now prepare for your time Potterheads. I solemnly swear I’m up to no good!

Harry Potter™ fans are among the most dedicated and passionate of any franchise, which means our magical new Harry Potter™ Collection is sure to cast a spell over you! The collection will be available for pre-order July 7-14, and includes a selection of products guaranteed to make any fan swoon.

Hogwarts Scentsy Warmer

A jaw-dropping warmer featuring a wraparound design, incredible details & an antiqued finish with plenty of shadowy depth. This Harry Potter wax burner is sure to please the hardcore Potterhead.

Hogwarts Wax Melts Collection

A wax collection with four fragrances – each representing a different Hogwarts house – packaged in a steam trunk-inspired box finished with a red “wax seal” that you get to break upon opening.  Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, & Slytherin fragrances.

Scentsy Hogwarts House Wax Melt collection

Gryffindor™: Bravery and Determination Wax Melts

Race through daring smoky woods, while amber and a touch of dapper cinnamon leaf bring warmth to your journey.

Slytherin™: Cunning and Ambition Wax Melts

Race through daring smoky woods, while amber and a touch of dapper cinnamon leaf bring warmth to your journey.
Forest woods
hide dark secrets in fresh oak moss and a sweetly sinister layer of deep blackberry.

Hufflepuff™: Just and Loyal Wax Melts

The Great Hall beckons with sweet and steadfast notes of golden apple, whipped vanilla almond and cinnamon sugar.

Ravenclaw™: Wit and Wisdom Wax Melts

A clever concoction of suede and sandalwood is mellowed handsomely by a ribbon of smooth vanilla.

Scentsy Hogwarts Warmer & Hogwarts Wax Collection Bundle

Yep, you want it all!  Don’t ya?  We’ve thought of that too.  You can pre-order your very own Hogwarts Scentsy Warmer and have all of the Hogwarts Houses Wax melts included in the Scentsy Harry Potter Collection Bundle.

Scentsy Harry Potter warmer Hogwarts Wax Collection Bundle

These items are available for Pre-Order only at this time.  The demand for the Harry Potter Burner and the Hogwarts Wax is very high. When you place your pre-order you are guaranteed to receive your item(s) upon manufacture completion and your payment completion in February 2022.

Hogwarts – Scentsy Warmer, $15 deposit toward the full retail price of $75

Hogwarts Houses – Scentsy Wax Collection, $5 deposit toward the full retail price of $24*

Hogwarts – Scentsy Warmer and Hogwarts Houses – Scentsy Wax Collection Bundle, $15 deposit toward the full retail price of $99

All preorders will be able to redeem in approximately Feb. 2022.

Mischief Managed!

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