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New! Scentsy Disney Villains - All The Rage
Scentsy Villains 2021 Scar
Scentsy Villains Wax Burner - SCAR side
Scentsy Villains 2021 Wax Melts
Scentsy Villains Wax Bar Melts Collection
Scentsy Villains 2021 Cruella
Scentsy Villains Wax Warmer - Cruella side

NEW! Scentsy® Disney Villains


is here 10/11/21 at 1pm ET.

Text VILLAINS to 864-402-4199 for text alerts

*No Consultants Please*

  You loved the Villains warmer from 2020. Therefore, we decided to give you the New! Scentsy® Disney Villains – All The Rage warmer and new Scentsy® Wax Melts to go along with it!

What’s Available on 10/11/21:

This new and incredibly detailed Scentsy® Villains wax burner is literally All The Rage $65.  Explore your dark side with a brand new warmer and fragrance inspired by the Disney Villains you love to hate.

Modeled after stained glass, the vibrant colors on the Disney Villains: All the Rage – Scentsy® Warmer offers quite the contrast to these evildoers’ dark ways. Featuring six of Disney’s most notorious villains — The Queen, Scar, Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, Ursula the Sea Witch and Hades — you can choose your view (and change it up any time the mood strikes). Our wax warming dish is detailed with a spider molded into the glass and features a decorative handle with a raven perched on top.

Therefore, if you are a True Disney Villain you must get your New! Scentsy® Disney Villains – All The Rage wax warmer.  Available on 10/11/21 at 1pm ET, while supplies last.  So, don’t be a poor, unfortunate soul and miss out. Because this collection is limited time only!

Villains: Dark & Devious  Brooding black pepper, star anise and cinnamon stir up a plot with smoked absinthe and ancient hemlock for the ultimate revenge. $6.50

Evil Queen: Just One Bite — Temptation is too much to resist when poisoned apple hidden deep in forest woods blends with warm cinnamon and menacing black molasses. $6.50

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil — The beauty of gardenia meets malevolent musk, while juicy blood orange drips over satsuma plum for the sweetest revenge. $6.50

Ursula: Poor Unfortunate Souls — An alluring potion of wild blackberry, scarlet raspberry and bubbly goji berry wrapped up in vengeful vanilla silk will leave you spellbound. $6.50

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